Hot Tub and Spa Accessories

At Hot Tub DIY we’ve got everything you need to personalise your hot tub experience and make your time in the hot tub as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Buy from our range of in-tub accessories, such as pillows or playing cards. Maintain your hot tub with a handy skimmer or hot tub vac. Better still, turn your hot tub into an aromatherapy spa with a fragrance from one of our huge range of Spazazz Hot Tub and Spa Fragrances range.

Hot Tub Accessories FAQ's

What kind of fragrances can I put in my hot tub?

Make sure that you pick a fragrance specifically designed for hot tubs as you don’t want any nasty, oily residue left behind that will affect the quality of your water and could damage your hot tub. Read our blog on spa fragrances for all the info you need and pick one of our range of Spazazz fragrances to give you that ultimate aromatherapy experience.

What tools do I need to keep my hot tub clean?

We recommend getting a skimmer and a spa vac makes the job of getting rid of any unwanted dirt so much easier. Pick from our range of skimmers, brushes, gloves or vacs to keep your hot tub all sparkly and clean. Or you could just buy our Life Spa Maintenance Kit which has everything in it that you’ll need (it comes with an underwater vac, scoop, brush, pole disc and cover wipes). Job done!

What is the ideal temperature for a hot tub or spa?

Most people like it toasty, somewhere between 102°F - 104°F (38°C - 40°C). However, children should not be in a hot tub over 95°F (35°C) for more than 5 minutes. Keep a check on your temperature and find your sweet spot with one of our range hot tub thermometers – an absolute must have!

Useful Links

How to Use fragrances - blog article

Link to Life Spa Maintenance Kit

Link to thermometers page



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