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Keep your hot tub sparkling with Ahh-Some hot tub and spa cleaner. Buy online. Delivered to UK and Europe.

Keep your water smooth, silky and sparkling with one our  products from the Ahh-some spa cleaner range. Remove the build up of nasties such as oils, lotions and cosmetics with hot tub system flush cleaner to maintain a healthy and efficient hot tub experience.


Founded in 1995, Unique Solutions developed a range of pool cleaning products, which evolved to include spa flush cleaners and hot tub system cleaners to cater for the fast growing hot tub market.

Teaming up with bio-chemists, the Ahh-some range was developed as it became apparent that unhealthy spas led to unhealthy humans. Rigorously tested to maximise cleaning power, Ahh-some quickly became one of the market leaders in hot tub system flush cleaners.

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Ahh-Some Hot Tub Cleaner 170g
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Concentrated System Flush

Ahh-Some Hot Tub Cleaner 57g
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Concentrated System Flush

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Ahh-some Hot Tub and Spa cleaner FAQ

What does the Ahh-Some spa cleaner do?

The gel quickly breaks through the lipid (outside) layer of the biofilm or fatty deposits in closed loop systems, opens it up to let water pressure push it out of the plumbing. This occurs within minutes. Consecutive purges may be necessary since biofilms try extra hard to stay colonized.

Does the Hot Tub or Jetted Bath water need to be hot or warm when using the Ahh-Some spa tub cleaner?

No.  However, it will dissolve much faster and get to work that much sooner after the product liquifies from its gel form.  Many people simply get a dish of water, heat it up and add the required amount of gel, wait a minute, stir it up, and pour this directly into the hot tub or jetted bath tub.

Why use so little product? If I use more will it be more effective?

No! Many people use more gel thinking it will work faster or better. It doesn’t! Ahh-Some is an extremely powerful surfactant. We know of no other bio-contamination remover that even comes close to our active %. One 2-ounce container of our Ahh-some spa tub cleaner provides the same cleaning equivalency of over 12 (16 oz jars) of typical liquid plumbing cleaners.

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz