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AquaSparkle Spa Chemicals - Chlorine, Bromine Based

Aquasparkle Chemical Montage ImageAquaSparkle Hot Tub Chemical Range includes the obvious Chlorine and Bromine products and much, much more. Their conveniently packaged range is probably the most complete range of hot tub chemicals available. Their sales angle is quality at a affordable price.

Choose from a range of Chlorine and Bromine spa chemical products, including pH Increasers and Reducers. This is a complete range so the main sanitisers are available in tablet and granules as well as filter cleaning powders and liquids, non chlorine shock, anti foam, anti scale and system cleaners.

"Don't forget all the chemicals come with instructions on the packets!"

If you need help we have guides on how to do hot tub chemicals as well as blogs that could also help you.

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5KG AquaSparkle Chlorine Granules

5kg Stabilised

AquaSparkle O2 Gentle Spa Starter Kit

Active Oxygen Kit

AquaSparkle Hot Tub Service Pack

Hot tub Service Pack

AquaSparkle Bromine Starter Pack
AquaSparkle Bromine Starter Pack
AquaSparkle Chlorine Starter Pack
AquaSparkle Bromine Granules
AquaSparkle O2 Gentle Granules


AquaSparkle Bromine Tablets
AquaSparkle Spa Perfect
2KG AquaSparkle Chlorine Granules

2kg Stabilised

AquaSparkle Non Chlorine Shock
AquaSparkle Chlorine Tablets
AquaSparkle Cartridge Cleaner
AquaSparkle Instant Filter Cleaner
AquaSparkle O2 Gentle Liquid


AquaSparkle Pure Spa Salt 5kg
AquaSparkle ScaleAway
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Page 1 of 2:    33 Items

Hot tub Chemicals don't have to be complex, send us a picture via the contact page above and we well get our in-house technical engineer to give you a break down of the solution you require. Click Here for more detail

For more detail on how to get the correct AquaSparkle Spa Chemicals, how to use them correctly and articles on Hot Tub Chemicals in general please check out or "Guides and Videos" Here - Hot Tub Guides and Videos

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz