Balboa CD Ozone Installation

Balboa Ultrazone CD Ozone UnitAn ozone generator attached to the plumbing of a hot tub or spa is seen as an essential now-a-days, and can be easily replaced or installed if required. 

What is ozone

Ozone in the scenario of a hot tub is air being sucked through a unit like the Balboa CD (Corona Discharge) unit where inside oxygen goes over or through an electrical current which changes the o2 to o3 (ozone), this is then mixed into the water where it can break down bacteria and becomes part of the sanitation method in the hot tub. It doesn't remove the requirement for Chlorine or Bromine but should if used correctly reduce the smell of dirty water and reduce the quantity of other sanitation required.


Its important to note that there are several generations of hot tubs being used and they have different connections, so although most new ozone units come with a 4 pin AMP connection this can be changed, or spliced to other connection types to make the product work.


There are many types of ozone units built onto hot tubs, we sell 230v 50hz Units, so if you have a bellows type 12v system these units will not be an easy fit.

Balboa Installation in Detail

Please download and read the following guide for more detail on how to fit a ozone unit through the below link. *note PDF created Balboa for the Balboa CD ozone Units.

Download complete guide here: PDF Download

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz