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Balboa Heaters

Balboa Hot Tub Heater ImageBalboa Hot Tub Heaters

Genuine Balboa Heater Tubes - These tubes come complete (UK Spec) with the elements already fitted, new seals and either sensors or a pressure switch factory fitted.

Balboa only make many of heater tube, with the option of either 2 or 3kw elements added.

The difference between the 3 tube types is as follows: GS/GL fit plastic control boxs and have studs to mount, M7 have no studs and are mounted by metal straps and pressure switch tubes have - pressure switch fitted.

For more detail or if you can't see the part you require please try our guides and manuals or get in touch.

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Balboa 2KW GS100 M7 Heater

Balboa 2KW GS100 M7 Heater£108.00   £99.00  (2)

Fits GS100 box only

Balboa 2KW Heater - Pressure Switch

Balboa 2KW Heater - Pressure Switch£176.00   £165.00  (5)

Fits Metalbox with Under Mount

Balboa 2KW M7 BP Heater

Balboa 2KW M7 BP Heater£149.00   £143.00

Fits BP box only

Balboa 2KW M7 Heater

Balboa 2KW M7 Heater£184.00   £175.00  (3)

Fits Metal Box

Balboa 2KW M7 Heater - GS/GL

Balboa 2KW M7 Heater - GS/GL£175.00   £165.00

Fits Plastic Balboa Box

Balboa 3KW GS100 M7 Heater

Balboa 3KW GS100 M7 Heater£166.00   £158.00

Fits GS100 box only

Balboa 3KW Heater - Pressure Switch

Balboa 3KW Heater - Pressure Switch£162.90   £153.00  (5)

Fits Metalbox with Under Mount

Balboa 3KW M7 BP Heater

Balboa 3KW M7 BP Heater£148.00   £143.00

Fits BP box only

Balboa 3KW M7 BP200 Heater

Balboa 3KW M7 BP200 Heater£147.00   £140.00

Fits BP200 Control Box

Balboa 3KW M7 Heater

Balboa 3KW M7 Heater£179.00   £171.00  (10)

Fits Metal Box

Balboa 3KW M7 Heater - GS/GL

Balboa 3KW M7 Heater - GS/GL£129.00   £119.00  (20)

Fits Plastic Box

Balboa 3kW VALUE/LE Heater

Balboa 3kW VALUE/LE Heater£123.00   £113.00

Fits VALUE And LE Control box only

Balboa 5.5KW Heater + Pressure Switch

Balboa 5.5KW Heater + Pressure Switch£121.00   £110.00

Swim Spa or Large Spa


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Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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