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Balboa Heaters

Balboa heater tubes for repairing electrical tripping faults and leaks near electrics, Balboa parts are easy to replace and are standard across the range.

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Balboa 2KW Heater - Pressure Switch

Balboa 2KW Heater - Pressure Switch£165.45  (3)

Fits Metalbox with Under Mount

Balboa 2KW M7 Heater

Balboa 2KW M7 Heater£172.22  (3)

Fits Metal Box

Balboa 2KW M7 Heater - GS/GL

Balboa 2KW M7 Heater - GS/GL£163.77

Fits Plastic Balboa Box

Balboa 3KW Heater - Pressure Switch

Balboa 3KW Heater - Pressure Switch£148.63  (5)

Fits Metalbox with Under Mount

Balboa 3KW M7 Heater

Balboa 3KW M7 Heater£168.00  (7)

Fits Metal Box

Balboa 3KW M7 Heater - GS/GL

Balboa 3KW M7 Heater - GS/GL£123.00  (13)

Fits Plastic Box

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items