Balboa Touch Panels

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Why choose Balboa? Simply put they are the best! Simple to use, easily replaced if faulty and easily the biggest control system company in the hot tub industry.

The following is a selection of panel to be used for repairs and upgrades broken into sections for ease of use. To get the correct panel its possible to go from the panels visual looks, but to be acurate look for the code on the under side and then compare the buttons on the top. The graphics on the top have changed slightly over the years and its also good to remember that many companies use Balboa components and change the graphics on the overlay (Re-Branding) the electrics behind will be the same if the code is the same. The codes usually look like this '54542' (or similar) and its also possible to match a panel from its name, for example 'VL701s'.

Still can't find the correct panel? Why no send us a picture of your panel to through the contact form on our contact page.