Balboa Spa Parts

Balboa Water Group produce a wide range of quality products for your hot tub. We stock Balboa Hot Tub pumps, Balboa Spa heaters, control boxes, control panels, elements and the spares to repair them. For the latest in Hot Tub technology and from a name you can trust, buy Balboa Spa Parts here.

Based out of California, with over 30 years of experience, Balboa Water Group produce quality spares and accessories for your hot tub.

Balboa Spa Parts are synonymous with quality and reliability. Known for their cutting edge technology, state of the art innovative designs and unsurpassed reliability world-wide, Balboa’s expertise includes:

  • the next generation of spa controls
  • menu driven and touch panel topsides
  • diagnostic tools.

And that’s not all, Balboa parts are specifically designed to make them easy to install and service, reducing the time you spend fixing your hot tub so you can spend more time relaxing in it.

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DuraJet 2HP Wet End
  4 in stock, immediate despatch

Balboa Sta-Rite Dura-Jet

Genuine Balboa Element 3KW
  Currently Out Of Stock
£60.14   £48.00

From Balboa

Starite Durajet Pump 2hp 1spd
  Currently Out Of Stock
£493.79   £395.00
Starite Durajet Pump 2hp 2spd
  Currently Out Of Stock
£768.85   £592.00
UltraJet Pump 2hp 2spd
  Currently Out Of Stock
Vico Balboa Ultimax Niagara Wet End 2HP
  7 in stock, immediate despatch
£102.41   £82.61
Vico Balboa Ultimax Niagara Wet End 3HP
  Currently Out Of Stock
£102.41   £90.64
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Balboa Hot Tub and Spa Part FAQ

How long does it take a Balboa heater to heat up?

It depends on the temperature, but if you want the water in your tub at a toasty 40°C (100°F) then it will take about 6 hours with a 3kw element and decent insulation on all sides of your hot tub.

How long does a Balboa Spa pump last?

With average use and with regular servicing, you can expect to enjoy the pumping power of a Balboa Spa pump for 8-10 years.

What warranties do i get with Balboa Parts sold by Hot Tub DIY?

Hot Tub DIY gives one year warranty on all Balboa Parts sold, but this does not include parts that wear like capacitors and seals, these are classed as servicable and can wear quickly if chemicals and filters are done wrongly.

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz