2018 Hot tub DIY News

14 March 2018  |  Superior Wellness

Whats new with Hot Tub DIY

Have you seen the new chemicals and fragrance section yet? you may have had an email a week before valentines day sharing this knowledge, however we think its one of the best online! We are also proud to announce our French distribution center is now working at full capacity and supply next day to France and surrounding European countries, which we think is very impressive and we have also changed the way you can buy from our website on mobile devices. Mobile is now optimised to be a more responsive in design, more user friendly, easy for communication. Not to mention we have changed the look and feel of our website in may ways.

There are no changes planned for 2018 with regards to the telephones and email communication for Hot Tub DIY, this will stay the same as always with Claire and myself taking calls and replying online whilst we have expanded the distribution side both in the UK and abroad. We feel this is one of the strengths of our business and something that the other companies cannot compete with.

Better customer service

By this we mean better postage prices, faster replies on email and all around!

We have been working hard to accommodate people that would normally have to pay more postage by offering a custom postage price if someone enquiries for cheaper postage, simply put its sometimes easier to send a seal or smaller part via royal mail, and the personnel service of doing this can make the difference of allot of money being saved nearly every time.

Proud moment - we have the best Trustpilot rating across the entire hot tub parts industry, an even higher score (but not as many reviews as hot tub barn):

Link to the Trustpilot website results for hot tub companies

Tighter online secure connection

Unless you work in the E-commerce industry you may not know how important SSL Certificates (secure connections) and a PCI DSS Compliance (stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is, both are essentials and take time to and money to implement, if you buy online make sure you can see a green padlock in the left hand side of the address bar and if you make payments online make sure the website is PCI DSS compliant.

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization's details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.