2019 News Letter

28 September 2019  |  Superior Wellness

Hi All ,

Its late September on a rainy afternoon and time for an update from hottubdiy on all things hot tubs. It's been 9 months since we sent the last email (which related to GDPR and re-subscriptions), we hope you don't mind us sending you this email to bring you up to speed on the latest parts, changes and ideas.

Note this isn't intended to be a sales email, more one of awareness of changes to our product ranges and information on the hot tub industry.

"Speaking informally as the technical guy for Hot Tub DIY, it goes without saying that we hope your hot tub is working well and appreciate any positive or negative feedback on the detail below."

Change of Chemical Brands

2018 came in with some new Brands of chemicals specifically Vian and Acti Spa, these will replace one of our old brands called AquaSparkle, the reason for the change is mainly due to quality and retail price, Acti and Vian are both superior quality to AquaSparkle (although this is an opinion and not a scientific fact) cost less so the RRP is better. The reason for 2 is for different markets, Acti will replace our UK customers demand and the Vian range can be shipped from our French warehouse so therefore can be sent to the corners of Europe. Please note we are restricted from sending chemicals from the UK into Europe hence the French Warehouse.

Quantity Discounts on Chemicals and Filters

For anyone who is interested we will be offering larger quantity discounts on chemicals and filters for our commercial and domestic clients, this will be classed as box quantities and could be very advantageous to people who think long term or get through large quantities.

Hot Tub Parts News

Waterway Jets

Out with the old and in with the new - Waterway have released a new range of jets for hot tubs, they look exactly the same as the old ones but are now designed to screw in, this means if you have the old twist and click you may not have the replacements for very long as most have been discontinued by waterway and the new ones will not fit. Note the diffusers (white bit at the rear) are currently still available and have not been discontinued.

The new Jets are screw in and sadly there are no adapters to enable the new jets to fit the old, so if you have the old type of waterway jet and need a new due to the front failing you may have to fit a new complete jet and body to resolve the issue.

Balboa Control Systems

The latest version of control system made by Balboa seems to be a hit and comes fitted to many new hot tubs used in the UK, its system is called known as BY system and the panels that match are TP panels, these are still using the patented M7 temperature and flow sensor technology but have been designed to integrate with each other, the price isn't bad so if you need to install an upgrade due to a fault or retro fit from a Chinese system this new system would probably bye the first choice.

Note allot of older Balboa elite and duplex circuit boards have now been discontinued so upgrading to the new BP may be your only option.

We are adding them to stock as and when they become available. 

Balboa ULTRAZONE Ozone Unit New 2019

If your looking for a new ozone unit then look no further, we have just received a new shipment of the latest Balboa ozone units called the ULTRAZONE, this give you and impressive 30/50mg an hour of ozone. To test your old old ozone why not buy some ozone test strips from Amazon (not something we sell) via this link here: https://amzn.to/2lThXVV

LX Pumps

The LX pump range has gone from strength to strength and is now proven to be fantastic replacements for waterway and other American made pumps, we have found them to be considerably cheaper and just as reliable with a steady stream of spares like impellers and seals available.

Website News

Customer Address Book Feature
Customers who have registered on your site are now able to store multiple addresses in their user accounts. They are able to add, edit and remove saved addresses with ease, use them as billing or shipping addresses, and switch between them with just a few clicks.

Euro VAT Free

If you are abroad and have a valid VAT number you can now buy VAT free by putting in a company name and VAT number.

Cornwall Customers

Repair and servicing is now available in Cornwall

After many requests we have decided to go back on the road due to the lack of experienced engineers in the Cornwall area. We feel this is an advantage in the long term and should help people in the area as there seems to be a shortage of experience.


How Brexit affects the hot tub industry

I'll keep this brief and only outline what it has effected and not what could or will be - we have already noticed an increase of pricing on parts between 4-7% from America and Europe, this is on component level and not yet affecting chemicals and accessories. However suppliers are aware and have been increasing prices, so this means components will go up in price.


2018 has been a quirky year, the normal pattern of busy period changed and we think this is due to confidence of people buying online and fitting themselves as well as the uncertainty of Brexit, we have some new products and some of the bigger branded products like waterway jets have now gone.

We hope the rain will go away so we can use our hot tubs more and maybe have a glass of wine or 2 in the garden.

We hope this news update is received well, and if anyone wants more information on the above or is concerned about the changes, please get in touch.


Kind Regards

Jon Pennington

Hot Tub Technical Support