Does a hot tub need an annual service?

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Service your own hot tubHave you ever thought that hiring someone to service your hot tub is a con / over priced? Then we would agree (for the majority).

The Hot Tub Annual Service Con

If you have a hot tub that has nothing wrong with it then don't waste your money getting an annual service for Hundreds £££'s, read the following tips on when and how to either do it yourself, when to get an engineer and who to contact if something has gone wrong and it needs a repair.

The average hot tub service engineer designated to servicing hot tubs on a daily basis isn't the same as a hot tub engineer, sadly in most scenarios your hiring someone with no engineering knowledge that is incapable of using a multimeter to test electrical components anyway.

So does your hot tub need an annual service? if its not broke and it doesn't need fixing, what you probably need is someone to have a quick look under the hood (inside the cabinet), possibly a system flush (if the spa has been stood for a while) and then a water change, using the correct surface cleaners and vinyl cover treatments.

When To System Flush

If your hot tub chemicals are perfectly maintained then you probably don't have an issue of biofilm inside your pipework and won't need a system flush cleaner put through your pipework.

If your hot tub has been stood empty for any period of time then you probably do and it may need a system flush.

In both scenarios beware of salesmen selling you chemicals that you don't require.

Looking inside the hot tub

Simple take of a couple of the side panels and shine a torch around, if you see water or something that doesn't look right then call out an engineer out for a repair inspection.

Removing Jets

Have you seen how expensive it is to replace a full set of jets in a hot tub?

An approximate guess on a small hot tub with 40 jets of various sizes is around £800, and if its chrome you can double that, so why let someone take them out and risk the chance of the little delicate tabs that hold them in be broken off. If they work ok then don't touch them! However if they are blocked or not working you may need an engineer to take the relevant jets out to make them work.

When to call an engineer

Definition of engineer - a experienced person who designs, builds, or maintains.

This doesn't include salesmen or people with no experience in hot tubs, except for electricians. If you have an electrical fault on your hot tub we would highly recommend an electrician over a hot tub engineer every day, simply because they have been trained and are qualified to look at electrical components.

Call an engineer if you have plumbing or general faults on your hot tub, you can always tell if they are professional by there attire, professionalism, tools and communication skills.

Is it covered by warranty

If it is then you have to go down the route of contacting the salesman you purchased it from first. They will then advice you on procedure and how they want to repair your hot tub.

Doing it yourself

If you are planning on servicing your hot tub and you don't need a repair this is what you need to do:

You Require:

  • Surface Cleaner
  • Vinyl Cleaner / water proofing treatment
  • Filter cleaner (or replace filter quicker)
  • System flush (if required)
  • A method of draining the water out
  • Sponge
  • Screw driver (to look inside the cabinet)
  • Hose (to fill it back up)

Start here

If you need to use a 'System Flush' add that first - follow instructions on container, but don't drain the water yet.

Before you empty the water have a look inside the cabinet, check its all ok (with the power on).

If good switch tub of at mains.

Start draining the water.

Stop when water is 6" below the water line, clean the water line with a specific water line cleaner like this: Surface cleaner

Clean hot tub water line

This picture shows a water line that can be easily cleaned with surface cleaner.

Clean the surface above the water line and rinse into the rest of the water.

Drain the rest of the water completely, rinse the dirty old water out as you get to the bottom with fresh water from the hose pipe.

Get as much water and any grit in the bottom with a sponge.

Cleaned hot tub

This photo shows a hot tub drained, cleaned and ready to fill

Then start filling the hot tub back up :)

Top Tip: Fill back up through the filter housing to get the air out the heater and circulation pump.

Where to fill a hot tub with water.

This is where to fill your hot tub

Clean your hot tub cover

While the hot tub is being filled up clean the cover, they always need it and look great after, using the surface cleaning give it a good wipe over, rinse, then treat the cover with a waterproofing agent like 303 cleaner to make it waterproof, treat the vinyl (like feeding leather) and a makes it UV resistant. 303 protectant

Cleaning a hot tub cover

Photo of someone cleaning / treating a hot tub cover.

Why we wrote this article

To stop people getting ripped of and paying for the wrong thing, if you don't need a full service, ask for someone to pop out and clean it for you instead, don't just ask for an annual service.

If you need a full service make sure he does what your paying him for.

Note: if your reading this article after paying someone £200+ maybe next time (hopefully) it will be different.

About the author of - Does a hot tub need an annual service?

This article is written by Jon Pennington @HotTubDIY, who at the time of writing this article has 15 years of experience in servicing hot tubs in the UK, he is electrically qualified and has helped thousands of people to fix there own hot tubs.

Quote from Jon:

"Its important that people don't get ripped of in this industry with what's called a "splash and dash", education is key and i believe people need to be able to do the basics themselves, if they can before they call out an engineer."

If you need help on anything hot tub related then please get in touch through our contact page.

Andrew Skidmore
Saturday, 31 July 2021  |  18:42

We’ve just had a new hot tub and we love it. The company we bought from were brilliant from the first contact all the way to the install and commissioning. When I asked about servicing we were told that an annual service is recommended at an approx cost of £250-£300, hence me doing a search for servicing of hot tubs. This article is brilliant and extremely informative. Thank you Jon.