Try Active Oxygen - Alternative to Chlorine and Bromine

14 July 2017  |  Superior Wellness

Looking for an alternative to Chlorine and Bromine? Look no further with Spa Active Oxygen made by Fi-Chlor

This is a result for the hot tub industry, simply put its been a long time since a decent alternative in a quality form has been introduced. I understand that Fi-Chlor is not the only brand produce an active oxygen product but we have been using this product for a month and its great!!

What is Active Oxygen

Active Oxygen is a 2 part solution consisting of a Pentapotassium (Peroxy Monopersulphate) tablets and a liquid containing Pollymeric quatemary ammonium chloride, when put together correctly they give a safe to use sparkling water experience that has no smell and is kind to the skin and eyes.

Important Note: Active oxygen cannot be used with other chlorine or bromine based products due to possible dangerous gases.

Moving from a chlorine based product

The correct way to start using active oxygen is after a water change, but it is possible if the chlorine has been completely used up to the start using Active oxygen, however these should never be used together.

The bottles come with instructions, but for those that would like it simplified you need one of each bottle, you add roughly 30ml Fi-chlor Activator Liquid per 1,000 Litres of water per week and 1 tablet per 1,000 per week and prior to each usage. Which make this a really simple sanitation solution to use.

Other useful detail

To test the water there are Monopersulphate test strips, you may need a floating dispenser for best results with the tablets and you have to keep your pH levels between 7.2 - 7.6 for the Active Oxygen to work.

Again important notes: Do not mix with other products and do not dissolve before usage.

Here are some quick links to the products:

For more detail please take a look at Fi-chlors page on Spa Active Oxygen System

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