Balboa Control Panel Manuals

21 July 2014  |  Superior Wellness

If you have just upgraded your hot tub control system or purchased a second hand hot tub or spa that has a Balboa control system running the pumps and components then you may need a manual that shows you how to work it, the following link shows all the different panels available from Balboa which can be opened on a computer screen, printed out or downloaded as a PDF and saved.

Please note that some hot tub manufacturers will reprogram Balboa touch panels to do different things, these may not be included in the detail and you may have to contact the manufacturer or search on Google for that manual separately.

If you need to find out how a Balboa panel works here is a helpful link:

Other guides that might help: Balboa GS/GL Troubleshooting and Service Guide

You may also find helpful detail here in our Balboa Control Panel sections: Balboa panels we sell.