Balboa Technical GL/GS Manual

20 August 2019  |  Superior Wellness

Balboa Trouble Shooting GuideManual for installing and fault finding on a Balboa GS or GL control box

The following manual has everything inside for a person who either owns, installing or is thinking of installing a Balboa GS GL control system, including detail relating to the control panels used, fitting an testing the heater as well as all the error codes and how to reset the circuit board memory back to factory defaults.

On a daily basis we get asked allot of questions about Balboa panels, heaters and circuit boards, usually because people have a fault and need a replacement or the older system needs an upgrade, for most scenarios including wiring from your house breaker this manual is for you! Take a look at the error code pages or how to test a heater if yours has failed and you will quickly see why.

Troubleshooting & Servicing Spa and Electrical Equipment

It explains in detail wiring, testing and ampere requirement and rating, along with basic tests where to put multimeter probes when testing and so on. Inside you will find the answer to most faults and there causes, as well as essential fuses that you may want to carry spares of.

Included section are How to change a circuit board, how to change the persistant memory and why as well as 22 pages covering all the panels, what they look like and how to replace a panel.

One of the most intereesting sections is how to test a a sensor set (page 41), its easy to do with basic tools.

Whats included

This Manual covers all GS/ GL systems and panels including:

Control Boxs: GS500, GS501, GS510, GS520, GS523, GL2000, GL8000

All ML Panels ML240, 200, 260, 400, 550, 551, 700. 900

Molex , RJ type "phone Type" and "Ethernet Type" Connections

Common fuses used

Jumper setups

And may even help on OEM Branded boards that are not easily diagnosable.

Download the manual Now "Troubleshooting & Servicing Balboa GS or GL control Systems"

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