New Balboa Spa System with WiFi

9 January 2020  |  Superior Wellness

Balboa Technology Upgrade Time

Introducing the new Balboa BP200, BP601, BP2100 and there new TP touch panels.

New Balboa BP Spa SystemIts very rare to get change in the hot tub industry, of course we can talk about how the China have changed the world and introduced copies of everything but to get a brand new collection of modern thinking hot tub control systems hasn't happened for many years (maybe 10). And what's great is that they have embraced a simplistic approach to connectivity meaning all the new TP panels work with all the new BP control boxes' as well as improving buy removing the faults of the previous GS/GL control systems complexities.

Now with WiFi

Are you ready for WiFi connectivity? because i am! All the new boxes can be connected to a WiFi Receiver (sold separately) enabling you to connect from anywhere in the world using just a simple router with wifi ability and either a Apple IOS app or Smartphone app, enabling you to manage all the components individually and make sure its up to temperature when you need it to be.

Transforming how hot tubs are controlled

  • User friendly interface with Intuitive menu and Easy to read colour display with graphics
  • Smart chip detects any problems in your hot tub
  • State-of-the-art button technology (press & hold)
  • Unparalleled system reliability
  • Reminder messages
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Corrosion and resistant, chemical resistant heater

Balboa WiFi Technology

What's new about the BP systems

Includes Balboa's patented overheat Fault Detection for runaway pumps or stuck relays. 
The new M7 Plus software design incorporates patented technology using a microprocessor to
intelligently monitor the hot tub water temperature and detect a runaway pump or stuck relays.
If detected, the system will automatically attempt to shut the power off to the tub to prevent
any overheating by trying to trip the GFCI in the circuit (per electrical codes). (BP2000 systems only)

Retro Upgrades

The best thing is how perfect these systems are for upgrades, the price is realistic and they fit into the same space of the old heaters system with ease, the smaller BP200 can even be mounted remotely on both a cabinet wall or floor mounts.

Stunning new touch panels

Balboa BP Touch Panel Images

Why we love it, Just take a look at the display they have created, its simple and stunning to look at, and a pleasure to work with, the above images show the new TP touch panel displays

Balboa BWA App Images

These images are of the bwa™ (Balboa Worldwide App) Android and IOS Apps


For more detail and to see the prices please take a look at the products and read more detail on the individually here: