How to get rid of scale in a Spa

20 January 2014  |  Superior Wellness

Scale in hot tubs and spas can be frustrating, especially if its restricting the water from coming out the jets, blocking up heaters and causing pumps to over heat, what you need is an easy solution to stop the scale getting into the hot tub in the first place.

As a company we have massive amounts of experience in repairing hot tubs and spas but the best part of the job is providing solutions to stop the faults and failings from happening in the first place, the big question is always what caused this and how do we stop it from happening again.

Well good news! stopping scale in hot tub water is easy.

So what is scale or should i say Limescale.

Hot Tub Scale

Limescale is the deposits of hard water, and consists of mainly Calcium and Magnesium. Approximately 60% of the UK suffer from hard water which is high in limescale these areas are mainly Lincoln, London, Essex and the south of England.

Hard water which is made by rainwater moving through soft rock such as limestone and chalk where it takes with it minute particles of the minerals even after processing by the water authorities.

What does it do to us?

Limescale clings to things and clogs things so in the same way the scale is sticking to the surfaces in the hot tub it will also stick to hair and clog up skin pores (only in very minute amounts), it also makes soaps and detergents less effective. see wikipedia on Limescale.

So how do you prevent and control scale?

Spa Mineral Filter

Simply use a water pre filter to stop the minerals entering the hot tub or spa, these fit onto the end of garden hoses and are a cheap cost effective way of controlling the amount of minerals entering the water.


Control with a scale controller for example 'AquaSparkle ScaleAway' which is a hot tub specific solution designed to breakdown and control the minerals in the water.

* Caution

you may find that swimming pool scale inhibitors are to strong and may burn the skin.

Manage Limescale in hot tubs and spas doesn't have to be expensive the combined price of a pre water filter and bottle of Antiscale is around £30.

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