Build a Hot Tub

28 February 2022  |  Superior Wellness
How to stop people changing settings on a commercial hot tub!

If you have a commercial spa in your holiday home, Airbnb property or holiday park and want to stop people from changing the settings on the hot tub, then this article is for you.

It outlines a few helpful tips that not many people have thought about to stop those tampering fingers.

12 March 2020  |  Superior Wellness
How to make a hot tub part 2 - Design Plumbing & Filtration

Part 2 includes detail on hot tub filtration systems, designing quantities of jets for a seat or lounger, types of jets, suctions for pumps and basic plumbing relating to water and air jets. Layout of jets in relation to massaging the body and extra features like music and water falls.

Bonus content includes how many air jets fit what amperage of air blower, types of jets for different wall thicknesses and water displacement.

11 March 2020  |  Superior Wellness
How to make a hot tub part 1 - Materials Location and Cost

It's possible to build a hot tub or spa out of pretty much anything, the following article will help you with things to consider before you start and materials possibilities, and includes detail on how to build a hot tub from wood, wood and tile, concrete, tile and plastic hot tub.

Bonus content includes location, cost and lots of little pointers.

21 January 2020  |  Superior Wellness
How to build a hot tub

If you are considering building a hot tub or spa then the following article is for you. It includes some essential knowledge / engineer experience that could save you a lot of money on components and a lot of time when designing your project. Includes detail on materials used and how to get the correct jets, pumps and control systems.