How to stop people changing settings on a commercial hot tub!

28 February 2022  |  Superior Wellness

How to stop people changing settings on a commercial hot tub!

If you have a commercial spa in your holiday home, Airbnb property or holiday park and want to stop people from changing the settings on the hot tub, then this article is for you.

It outlines a few helpful tips that not many people have thought about to stop those tampering fingers.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Keep it simple

It goes without saying that when you buy a spa for a commercial environment you really should be keeping the spa simple, by this i mean less is more. If you put a hot tub with 400 jets, a stereo and lots of dials on the top then your asking for things to go wrong in the form of big repairs and replacing broken components, lets face it you would be very unhappy if you got a bad review for a broken hot tub.

Think before you buy

Think also about how many people are going to use your spa, if the property is designed to be rented to 2 people then think smaller tub (less electric) and if the property sleeps 6 then you have to think bigger and presume 6 people may want to get in at the same time. These could also be 6 large people so you may need to think water displacement, simply put will the water get out if 6 people get in? and if so have you prepared for this? which will possibly cause extra electricity costs and time filling the spa back up every time they use it.

Keeping a control panel simple

Balboa commercial hot tub auxiliary panelA top tip to simplify the control panel is to replace the top panel with an auxiliary panel and place the original panel underneath. You will need to fit a small lockable hatch door on the side of the hot tub to access the original panel but this will stop people from changing the settings.

Auxiliary panels are always smaller so you would fit it in the location of the original panel with a bezel, like this :  Control Panel Bezels   Or for £25 you can get a custom made bezel made out of stainless steel by a company like this :

The best control systems to apply this method to are made by Balboa and would look like this :  Balboa Auxiliary Panels

Commercial spa upgrade system idea

A great example of a commercial upgrade system for a 1 pump spa would be the following parts.

Balboa BP200 with a TP400 Control Panel

AX20 Light and Pump Auxiliary Panel

Bezel (to mount aux panel)

Lockable Side HatchCommercial Hot Tub