How to use spa fragrances

14 September 2021  |  Superior Wellness

How to use spa fragrances

How to use spa fragrances to enhance your hot tub experience with the power of aromatherapy.

Many of our customers love relaxing in their hot tub after a hard day. The massaging action of the powerful jests is proven to relieve stress and relax the muscles. But what if you have had a particularly tiring day? Or your stress levels are at an all-time high? Or your aches and pains are troubling you a little more than usual.

Yes, you could book yourself into a spa for the day, where you can relax and unwind with a massage and lots of aromatherapy treatments.  But who has got that much time on their hands take time out of their already busy schedule? Not to mention how much it costs and those funny little slippers they make you wear.

What if there was an easier way.

There is.

By adding a hot tub or spa fragrance to your hot tub, you can benefit from the restorative powers of aromatherapy without ever leaving own home, or wearing any funny slippers.

Can I use aromatherapy oils in my hot tub?

The simple answer is no.

Armoatherapy and Essential Oils are made using oils which will clog up your hot tub filters and create a nasty film and residue on your sparkling water. Your hot tub is a finely tuned machine, designed to filter, purify and clean your water so that you are able to safely use it time and again. These oils affect the finely balanced ph of your water, which will mean you have to sanitise your water more, as well as giving it a good clean which can be a costly process.

What aromatherapy products can I use in my hot tub?

Luckily for you, the market for spa fragrances has grown considerably, alongside the growth in the hot tub market so there is a vast range of products out there to suit your needs. Here at Hot Tub DIY, we only supply the most tried and tested brand that offers the widest range of benefits – Spazzaz. Creating hot tub frangrances since 1993, Spazzaz have expertly blended a range of aromatherapy crystals, beads and elixirs that are perfect for you and perfect for your hot tub.

What are the benefits of using hot tub and spa fragrances?

Some people like to use hot tub fragrances just to mask the hint of chlorine that you can get in a hot tub, or to combat the dry skin you can get if you like to soak in there for hours. But Spazzaz’s range does so much more that moisturise your skin or keep your hot tub smelling aromatic.

Fragrances not only enhance your hot tub experience, making every dip in your hot tub a unique and memorable event, they can also have huge benefits to your physical health and state of mind. Some fragrances are crafted to wash away those aches and pains, give you the pick-me-up that you need or soothe away the stresses and strains of modern life.

 What fragrances are best use in my hot tub?

The Spazzaz Therapy range of crystals is probably to strongest range of crystals available, created to provide a range of health benefits. Try one of the restorative blends to Detoxify your skin or to give you the an energy boost. They have also developed a perfect blend of aromatherapy scents to relieve muscle aches, joint aches and respiratory problems.

The Spazzaz Aromatherapy beads also offer the same range of benefits, but as they come in beads, you use them with an aromatherapy canister. Also, if you find a scent that you love, you can use them in your house.

If it’s just a relaxing and aromatic scent that you’re after, then you need to have a look Spazzaz’s range of Escape Crystals. These evocative scents have been created to evoke the exotic, while still offering the restorative health benefits you crave. Try the Awakening power of Verbana Lime Coconut or the Sensual aroma of White Must Vanilla Jasmine. They truly enhance your hot tub experience.

If escapism is your thing, Spazzaz also have it covered. The Destination Crystal range will transport you to far off lands, using a unique blend of aromas to evoke your favourite places – leave the humdrum and let your hot tub transport you to the busy streets of New York, the relaxing white sands of Hawaii or the stylish and cultural cafes of Paris.

If it’s a scent to match the mood of a party, then you have to try one of Spazzaz’s range of ‘Set the mood’ crystals. This range of crystals is sure the liven up any hot tub experience. With blends such as Happy Hour or Bottoms up, capturing the aroma of a margarita or moonshine whiskey, these fun crystals are guaranteed to wow your guests.

Lastly, Spazzaz has a range of elixirs to boost the restorative power of your hot tub. Providing the same benefits as the crystals, the elixirs have been crafted using a range of botanical ingredients and they are packed with minerals and vitamins. Fantastic for getting deep into your pores, washing the day away and leaving you with soft, healthy, glowing skin.


Ready to take your hot tub experience up a notch? Head over to our online shop and browser the huge selection of Spazazz Spa fragrances. And don’t hold back. Get creative, buy more than one and mix them together to create your own unique blend.

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