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28 February 2022  |  Superior Wellness
How to stop people changing settings on a commercial hot tub!

If you have a commercial spa in your holiday home, Airbnb property or holiday park and want to stop people from changing the settings on the hot tub, then this article is for you.

It outlines a few helpful tips that not many people have thought about to stop those tampering fingers.

4 February 2020  |  Superior Wellness
How To Upgrade a Chinese Hot Tub Control System

If your thinking of upgrading your Chinese hot tub to a better quality control system like the American make Balboa then this article is for you, it explains what you need to do and gives an engineers insight into how to get around larger systems and where as well as what to change in your hot tub.

Bonus Content: Changing to a new size control panel (Touch Pad)

9 January 2020  |  Superior Wellness
New Balboa Spa System with WiFi

Writting about the latest technology from Balboa is a joy, the following article is on the new Balboa BP spa systems and their matching TP panels. It outlines the simplisity and shows you what the new display looks like and includes detail on the WiFi features that enable you to connect to the new BWA IOS and Android App.

20 August 2019  |  Superior Wellness
Balboa Technical GL/GS Manual

Troubleshooting & Service for GL/GS Systems

If you have a Balboa GS or GL control system then you need this manual, its a complete guide on how to wire up, test and install a Balboa GS/GL hot tub control system from scratch. (Note it doesn't include plumbing). Balboa Systems have been around for years and they are the backbone of the hot tub industry, the manual contained on this page includes: and overview of its patented technology, checklists, troubleshooting, diagnosing scenarios, spa start up behavior, ML / VL and other panel information, heater removale, and many other details.

28 June 2018  |  Superior Wellness
Spaform Discontinued Circuit Board

What to do if your Spaform circuit board has been discontinued!

If you own a Spaform and the Balboa circuit board has been discontinued, its now time to upgrade and change the technolgy from the old M3 which included a pressure switch to the new M7 technology. The following page will give you a breakdown of what and what it involves.

2 Comments18 September 2017  |  Superior Wellness
Spaform Spa Parts and Alternatives

Spaform Spare parts and replacement alternatives.

The following article is for people that have or are thinking of buying a Spaform spa. As well as people how need parts for upgrades, it describes some of the alternatives to panels, control box's and pumps that can be used to keep your hot tub up and running.

29 February 2016  |  Superior Wellness
Hot Tub Electronic Controller

Hot Tub Electronic Controller

Need help with Hot Tub Electronic Controllers then read this! Contains basic detail for hot tub touch panels.

27 August 2015  |  Superior Wellness
Hot Tub Electronic Controller

About Hot Tub Electronic Controller

Need help with Hot Tub Electronic Controllers then read this! Contains basic detail for hot tub touch panels.

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