Hot Tub Electronic Controller

29 February 2016  |  Superior Wellness

Hot Tub Electronic Controller

Modern hot tubs (or spas) come with electronic controllers. What exactly does the controller control? And what convenience features can we expect? We take a look at these topics in this article.

Gecko SSPA Control BoxThe spa controller typically controls the power supply to the following components of the hot tub:

  • Pump or pumps: One controller might control one single or two-speed pump and an upgrade or additional controller might be needed if you have more than one pump installed.
  • Heater: Might be detachable, slide mount type control.
  • Lights: The controller might come with a chord.
  • Air blower: If you have installed an air blower to supply aerated water, you can get an upgrade that can control it.
  • Ozone circuit: In case you have ozone generator installed.

The controller set might also include:

  • Temperature sensors and overheating protection that can be mounted or integrated with the heater.
  • Control panel that can be located conveniently for operation. Electronic controllers are typically programmable allowing you to preset operating instructions. They might also come with various indicators to show you the status of power supply to different components.

The controllers might also come with voltage configuration feature allowing you to set the voltage at 240V or 120V depending on the hot tub model you have. You can have the dealer configure it to the desired voltage.

If you shop around, you might find additional features, and might also find that some systems are easy to install while others might require extra effort. One supplier offers “smart” chords with lights that indicate whether power is flowing to the related component, thus making it easy to diagnose problems. Some of the controllers might also be designed with aesthetics in mind, in addition to convenience.

Take care to clarify how to configure and install the system on your spa if you plan to do the installation yourself.

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