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4 February 2014  |  Superior Wellness

Hot Tub Filters

Hot tub filters are sanitization agents to the hot tubs because they keep particles and debris clear from the water. This in no doubt increases the safety and hygiene of the water. The hot tub or Spa or Jacuzzi is often a relaxing and pleasurable experience for users, so the filtration mechanism created to identify and eliminate the presence of sediments in the water has to achieve maximum satisfaction.

The introduction of filtration dates back to the time of the sand filters of the 17th century, but sand filters still remain relevant today.When water flows through the top of the filter housing, it finds its way down through a sand bed where the sharp edges of the sand capture the particles, even tiny particles as little as 20/25 micrometers.

Cartridge filters are mostly used for hot tubs today. They are preferred for better water flow and less strain on the filter pumps. You can easily clean them using a high pressure water hose. Cartridge hot tub filters have pleats that makes it possible to have more material in a small container. The filter is usually made of polyester.

Other forms of hot tub filters both ancient and modern are diatomaceous, earth filters, ceramic filtration and bios and filtration.

To make your spa filters to last longer and serve you better, you ought to properly maintain them. It is recommended that you clear your filter each time you change the hot tub water. You should also try to replace your filter every year.

When the hot tub filter is clogged, soiled or worn out, the filter will no longer be able to effectively perform its job of clearing away contaminants. When changing the water and cleaning the already installed filter, having an extra one will come in handy, so there won't be any need to wait for the cleared one to dry.

There are great brands of hot tub filters you can purchase and use to enrich the water quality of your tub. It's better you buy such so as not to be fraught with flaws that keep you from enjoying your hot tub.

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