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Need help with hot tub electrics, if youre either repairing (fixing), fitting new or need technical help then these guides are for you. The following includes everything that isn't included in the pump and heater guides.

2 Comments18 September 2017  |  Superior Wellness
Spaform Spa Parts and Alternatives

Spaform Spare parts and replacement alternatives.

The following article is for people that have or are thinking of buying a Spaform spa. As well as people how need parts for upgrades, it describes some of the alternatives to panels, control box's and pumps that can be used to keep your hot tub up and running.

2 Comments2 March 2017  |  Superior Wellness
Stop before you buy any hot tub parts

AStop before you buy anything for your hot tub! Heaters and Sensors.

Stop and think about the part you need to buy before you buy it, read the following article before you buy hot tub parts online because it may just be the wrong part for repairing your hot tub. Not all hot tub parts are the same, they may look the same and how do you know that the correct part to fix your hot tub problem? Read More....

2 Comments2 February 2017  |  Superior Wellness
LX Hot Tub Parts

LX China - the biggest growing company in the hot tub industry today.

This article is all about LX, what they make how the company grew and a little of the history of hot tubs over the last 10 years. LX is an interesting story of which this article only touches the sides, please feel free to read.

4 February 2014  |  Superior Wellness
Solar Water Heating for Hot Tubs

Hot tubs consume a lot of energy and you might want to explore the possibility of solar water heating as a standby. It can not only reduce energy bills but also help you contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Solar power can be converted into electricity using Photovoltaic (PV) cells and this electricity can be either stored in batteries or used immediately for heating water or operating the water pump.
Read More..

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