Jon Pennington

Fixing Hot Tubs in Cornwall

Thursday, 24 October 2019  |  Jon Pennington

Hot Tub Repair in Cornwall

Hot Tub Repair CornwallFixing hot tubs doesn't have to be complex if you have someone like us who can help you fix your hot tub quickly and affordably, we cover the Cornwall area because that's where we are based, however we advise people out of area as well and help them by giving tips on what to do and selling the parts they need.

Cornwall is a lovely area to drive around how ever you would need to cover the cost of parts and time on site and our call outs begin at £75

We can fix most brands of hot tub and spa as well as help with installations, new covers and insurance quotes.

If you need or help why not check out the following page Hot Tub Repair Cornwall or visit the website for more information.

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