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15 September 2021  |  Superior Wellness

How to use a floating chemical dispenser in your hot tub or spa?

Hot Tub DispencerKeeping your water sanitised is a really important part of maintaining your hot tub. One way you can do this is to use a floating chemical dispenser. Using a floating dispenser with either chlorine or bromine tablets keeps your water clean and healthy. It just floats on the surface of your water and you regularly put tablets in it which slowly dissolve over time.

Tablets have become more popular over the years, as the inflatable spa market as grown but many hot tub owners use them too. They are cheap and easy to use. A floating chemical dispenser is not the only way to sanitise your hot tub, you can also use an in-line chemical feeder or a skimmer basket but the floating dispenser is more popular because it’s so easy to use.

What kind of floating chemical dispenser do I need?

It all comes down to size. Work out the size of your hot tub and how many gallons it holds and find the dispenser you need. At Hot Tub DIY we have a range of chemical dispenser that will work in any size hot tube.

Do I use Chlorine or Bromine in my floating dispenser?

Most people are already aware of chlorine as it has been used in the sanitisation of swimming pools for years, but bromine is also an option. The difference is subtle and to avoid getting into the technicalities, they both attack any bacteria and other nasties in your hot tub, but they both leave behind waste products.

Chlorine leaves behind chloramines, which reduces the effectiveness of the chlorine over time. We can all recall swimming in a pool and having stingy eyes, or smelling a strong scent of chlorine. This is due to chloramines. They build up over time and need getting rid of. This is why you need to periodically shock your hot tub to get rid of these waste products.

Bromine is similar in that it also attacks the nasties and leaves behind a waste product, bromanines. You won’t get the smell that chloramines create but bromanines will also reduce the effectiveness of the bromine over time so regular shocking of your hot tub is still necessary.

So, chlorine kills bacteria more quickly but it’s waste product is more noticeable.  As it works so quickly, it has to be replaced more often. Bromine, though it attacks bacteria more slowly, is less noticeable as it does its job, and it also helps maintain a chemical balance in your water, as it has a lower pH. As it is less powerful than chlorine, you will also need to use a little more to maintain a healthy hot tub.Small Chlorine Tablets

Whichever you choose, you need to stick to it. Do not mix them in the same water as they are very reactive. If you want switch from Bromine to Chlorine, you must drain your hot tub and start afresh.

Also, remember that you still need to regularly check the pH balance of your water to keep it in tip top condition.

Do I need to use tablets or granules in my hot tub?

A floating dispenser is a cost effective way of maintaining your hot tub. They are very simple to use: you just pop a tablet in floating dispenser and let them do their thing. Check the instructions for how many tablets you will need. Also, you still need to keep an eye on the chlorine levels in your hot tub (you are aiming for 3-5pppm of chlorine) but essentially, they are very easy to use. Remember to take the dispenser out of the water before getting in to avoid people messing with the tablets.

Chlorine granules are a little more labour intensive but they have a lower pH so you may save a bit of time as they are less likely to disturb the chemistry of your water. You just sprinkle them in with the pump running for 5-10 minutes, then turn the pump off and put the cover back on.

Large Chlorine DispnserThis process is the same for Bromine tablets and granules. It depends on what works for you, your lifestyle and how you use your hot tub. As long as you regularly test your pH, both granules and tablets will keep your hot tub healthy and ready to go when you need it.

At Hot Tub DIY we stock a range of Chlorine tablets, Bromine tablets, Chlorine granules, Bromine granules and floating chemical dispensers.

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