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LX China - the biggest growing company in the hot tub industry today.

LX TDA200 PumpFor so many years the hot tub industry has been dominated by American parts, that now it's funny to think of another country producing a range of components big enough to challenge the USA production line that isn't owned by an American, however Guandong LX Pump Co have done exactly this, and it's not only the hot tub and spa industry that are using their parts, the bath industry are fitting thousands of these per day.

So who is this huge company and how did this happen you ask, well in 2008 when the UK / world hit a recession (due to the banks floating there own loans) and the hot tub industry was hugely hit with over three-quarters of the importer distributors and manufacturers either going bankrupt or scaling down, this gave a great opportunity for Chinese hot tubs to sneak into the country. The Chinese manufacturers had already been making hot tubs, spas and baths and exporting them for a few years but the quality wasn't up to scratch, LX components were being used but the general engineering of the tubs was very poor in many cases and in the hot tub industry the tubs had a bad name because of this. However there was still a demand for hot tubs so the retailers in the UK had to cut corners to make money, this was done by importing tubs from china and defining the build quality and components, some companies got this right and other smaller importers got this horribly wrong, but one thing was consistent through all the tubs they all used LX Pumps and Heaters.

The quality of the parts made by LX has been so good over the years that the products haven't really changed much and the range has stayed consistent which is extremely good for anyone with LX parts as you can purchase the spares and easily fit replacements.

So this leads to what do LX make?

If you take a look at the company they have gone from strength to strength but the product range is still the same simply heaters and pumps. If you would like to see the range of pumps used click here: LX Pumps and for heaters click here: LX Heater they do make other pumps and heaters for the hot tub industry, but these are very uncommon and have little in the way of spares imported into the UK. Also, there is a range of Pool pumps and sewage pumps available.

The range of pumps used in the hot tub / spa industry consists of:

  • LP / WP - Large Pumps
  • TDA / JA - Single Speed Pumps
  • EA / DH / WTC - Specialist Pumps

The heaters consist of 2 sizes fitting 1.5" or 2" plumbing and 2 cable types with or without a separate cable specifically for the pressure switch.

(Note - using a separate cable for the pressure switch is an old-fashioned approach as the pressure switch is cable of taking 230v and simplifies the circuitry of the control system).

A little on internet sales

Another big change since 2008 is the increase in companies that only sell online with no showrooms only an online store or an ebay account, these have changed the industry and made it available to more people smaller budgets, 90% of these tubs are made in China with LX components, which lead to US and Canadian manufacturers having to compete on price instead to regain market share. This was done by using LX pumps instead of expensive American pumps and inevitably lead to the growth of the company.

To conclude LX hot tub components are here to stay, the company is now a billion pound manufacturer who supply to the largest companies in the industry including Hot Spring (made by Watkins) Arctic spa, Canadian Spa, Hydropool and so on.

If you have the choice to use an LX pump instead of an American pump you will find most of them are interchangeable and the quality difference is only marginal - price for price they are very good value for money.

Hot Tub DIY

We sell a great range of LX Parts, click on the link below to see the parts and spares.

LX Hot Tub Parts

Francisco Jose Cruz Comas
03 October 2019  |  20:10

I totally agree with what you say from my own experience
I have a medium quality Chinese spa made in 2014 and I must say that the systems, anchors, pumps and other structure have nothing to envy to the mid-range Canadian and American spas

Superior Wellness
13 November 2019  |  16:01

Im pretty sure most of the components are made in China and assembled in the USA , i think it would be very interesting to see exactly what is genuinely made at component level in the USA.
Thanks for your reply, its appreciated.