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This page includes all our guides and articles on hot tub heaters, how they work, how to buy the correct one and how to repair a hot tub heater for example.

26 January 2014  |  Superior Wellness
LX Whirlpool Heater Fitting Dimension Guide

The LX 'Flow Type Heater' guide of measurements and electrical installation, this guide will help you to get the correct detail to fit and replace your LX hot tub and spa heater. It Includes height, width, length dimensions of the heaters as well as when fitted, as well as complete fitting instructions to enable you to easily fit the heaters.

22 January 2014  |  Superior Wellness
Hot Tub Element Guide

Heating elements are easy to replace, diagnose and repair, the following guide includes detail on all the above as well as heating alternatives.

20 January 2014  |  Superior Wellness
How to get rid of scale in a Spa

If you have a problem with scale in your hot tub or spa and need a proven method of eliminating it then read the following guide on - How to get rid of scale in a Spa!

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