Spaform Discontinued Circuit Board

28 June 2018  |  Superior Wellness

What to do if your Spaform circuit board has been discontinued!

Balboa Circuit Board UpgradeTechnology is evolving!

Balboa decided about a year ago to no longer produce they're older range of circuit boards, called the Elite range, this consisted of many generic circuit boards and a considerably large amount of licensed boards. If your unlucky enough to have one of these discontinued Balboa circuit boards than this is what you need to do...

Balboa old tech Vs new.

Old Balboa control systems consisted of a Pressure switch, thermostat and hi-limit prob, this is whats called M3 Technology, its the standard for many brands which include Chinese, Gecko and many other systems, this has now been replaced with M7 Technology, which uses 2 thermostatic probes, 1 before the heating element and one after (note no pressure switch). M7 is simple and works well, the probe before the element is the water temperature and the probe after the hi-limit and if the both measure the same it defines a flow error and switches of the power to the element. This is a great system to install because it doesn't require extra parts that can go wrong and the circuit board works out the direction of the water going through the system so it can be fitted either way around as well as before a pump instead of the standard after the pump which is required to make a pressure switch work.

The great thing about M7 and M3 Control systems is that they are the same width heater tube, so really easy to upgrade.

Most M7 Control systems come in 3KW (although 2 KW is available in a single pump basic version).

Also the M7 control systems use the same control panels, for example a SF172 control panel is actually a VL701S, so the the only thing you would need to change is the Balboa control box.

Its also good to point out at this point the connections have changed, and this is the only complex part. Old M3 systems used grey JJ connectors and new M7 use 4 pin AMP connectors, for this you would need to crimp on new ends.

The average time it takes to swap over from and old system to a new one is about an hour, and 80% of this time is changing of the cable ends. Complete cables are also available but add an unnecessary cost.

To read more and find out which parts you need to change your system, please click on the following link:

Link to Spaform Control system Upgrade Page

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