Hot Tub Element Guide

22 January 2014  |  Superior Wellness

Hot Tub Heating Elements

All hot tubs need the water heating even in hot countries, the most common method of doing this is an element that is hidden somewhere inside the hot tub plumbing.

It is important at this stage to say their are many other ways to heat hot tub water up to a desirable warmth, one of the main alternatives is via a heat conductor, this is also the same way most swimming pools are heater and is usually only done on hot tubs and spas indoors.


If your hot tub isn't heating up this doesn't always mean that the element isn't working, it could also mean that a sensor has stopped or their is no power getting to it. The way to test is is their power getting to the element, and if so is it drawing any amps (tested with an amp meter). Their is currently no other way of testing if an element works, simply waiting for the water to heat up is no good).

  • Visible corrosion - if you can see rust or corrosion around the seals on an element you are doing your chemicals wrong, either the quality of your chemicals is poor or the ph is being run at the wrong level.
  • Tripping Electrics - Firstly to confirm it is the element disconnect it from the power by taking of the cables that connect to the terminals on the top, then switch the hot tub back on, if it doesn't trip then it's the element.


  • To remove existing hot tub heating elements push down on both elements and slide them straight out. When replacing a hot tub elements you should also always replace the heater tube seals.
  • Please note when fitting a new element do not over tighten the element retaining nuts and be extremely careful not to over tighten the 10mm nuts holding the connections.
  • Always try the hot tub with out its filter fitted when the filter is removed look for foreign objects inside the filter bay.
  • Switch the power of to the hot tub, disconnect the element (isolate the connections to save accidents) and switch back on, if the hot tub doesn't trip change the element.
  • look for signs of corrosion around the seals in the tube, also look for any other water around the control pack.
  • Always remember to remove the air from the heater tube after replacing it so you don't burn it out straight away.


For more information on heating hot tubs check out the Wikipedia on swimming pool heaters

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