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Waterway Hot Tub JetOne of the essential parts of a hot tub are the jets. Basically, this is what differentiates a hot tub from a mere bath tub. Water gets channelled from a pump and goes into the tub through these jets. Jets are hydrotherapy for hot tub users as they get to enjoy a massage just by sitting in the water.

Today's technology has developed different types of hot tub jets. There are the multi-directional jets that can move in different directions. There are tiny stream jets and wider stream jets. All these are to achieve certain massaging effects while in the hot tub. Some hot tubs have push buttons and levers that control the water pressure. You can determine which jets are pushing out water. The idea is to allow the hydrotherapy affect specific parts of your body.

Hot tubs are fitted with various types of jets and to a large extent, buying a hot tub is categorized by the number of jets they possess. There is the popular 20-jet hot tub, but several others have many more jets.Some of the tubs are designed for a full body massage. These propel water from the neck region through to the back, waist, thighs and then the feet.

Injection of warm air through the jets will create bubbles. The air blower relies heavily on the jets to achieve its effects.

Hot bath jets these days do not only exist to propel pressured water for hydrotherapy massage, they also come with lighting effects, creating a sensational experience than ever before.

Although there are quite a number of hot tub manufacturers, there aren't so many makers of jets, so they are essentially similar. Hot tub jets can be removed and replaced by unscrewing it out of its holder. This has to be done when you notice faulty or malfunctioning jets in your hot tub.

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Alan Croft
25 May 2021  |  7:26

hi, i have bought several parts from you to build a complete hottub. i have an air blower and air jets but also water jets, the water jets have apertures, one for water (larger bore) and one for a breather. should this air breather be connected to the blower system ? or should it terminate above water level as a breather pipe ? i look forward to your response, thanks. Alan.