Hot Tub Jets | An Overview

29 September 2014  |  Superior Wellness

Hot Tub Water JetsHot tub jets direct a stream of water to desired parts of your body to provide a relaxing and / or stimulating experience. By varying the pressure and thus the quantity of water from the jets, you can obtain different massaging experiences. The neck and lower back, where muscles often get tense, are typical targets for the relaxing water massage.

The hot tub massages can for relaxation and entertainment, or the goal might be therapeutic to get pain relief or other result. The type of jet installed in the tub must suit the purpose.

There are mini jets that are grouped together making it possible to move the whole group and the therapeutic effect of the massage. Swirl jets move the water in a circular motion and can provide whole body massage. Whirlpool jets are typically industry jets that direct a large quantity of water onto a narrow body area to provide relief from injuries.

Moving massage jets are recent arrivals into the market. They not only direct water at body parts but also move horizontally and vertically providing a pulsating experience to the massage. This is ideal for relaxing the muscles of the lower back.

Shoulder jets are usually located above the water level and are convenient for massaging your shoulders while you are in the tub. Their position can be adjusted as needed. These jets can be supplemented with pillow jets that massage the neck.

The location and type of hot tub jets thus determine the specific experience you get. Whereas in older hot tubs, you were probably limited to eight jets or so, modern day hot tubs might come with a hundred and more jets, of different styles, pre-installed.

Marketers are finding more ways to provide great experiences to hot tub users and the hot tub water jet is probably the primary tool to provide ever new experiences. By varying the quantity and motion of the water delivered, and the area of the body where it can be delivered, the experiences can also be varied.

As a hot tub user, you can definitely benefit by looking at the types of jets available in the market and how best to use them while enjoying your hot or warm bath. You are quite likely to be surprised at the possibilities and variety of experiences.

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