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Need to fix a leak or have a plumbing project? the information in these guides can help you with all your hot tub plumbing issues.

21 January 2020  |  Superior Wellness
How to build a hot tub

If you are considering building a hot tub or spa then the following article is for you. It includes some essential knowledge / engineer experience that could save you a lot of money on components and a lot of time when designing your project. Includes detail on materials used and how to get the correct jets, pumps and control systems.

10 February 2017  |  Superior Wellness
What Exactly is 1.5 Plumbing

What Exactly is 1.5" Plumbing as it doesn't measure that?

This is a question we get all the time! The answer is easy everything that is 1.5" plumbing will fit together, so to make this easier to understand if you want to fit 1,5" to 2" hot tub plumbing you will need a reducer

26 January 2014  |  Superior Wellness
How to repair a leaking hot tub using a pipe extender

​If you have a problem with leaking joints, why not fix them pipe extenders (more commonly known as fitting extenders), the following video shows you how they fit, check out the product pages for dimensions.