Upgrade Your Arctic Spa Jets

13 November 2019  |  Superior Wellness

If you have the old black jets in your hot tub then this article is directed to you. How do you fancy shinny chrome (Stainless Steel) jets instead? We have found an alternative source of screw in jets to replace your old twist'nclick jets that have been discontinued now for a few years.

New Jets Old Jets
New 5" Screw In Jet in Chrome Old 5" Twist'n'Click Tri Faced Jet

Alternative replacement jets are available in both 5" and 3" water jets

Although the new screwin jets require a screw in retaining cup, you would still need to these if you required replacement jets anyway, and the price of the stainless jets is very similar to the cost of the plain black plastic jet.

Please note these jets are interchangeable so if you did want to go back to the old black tri jet you just un screw them.

Fitting New Jets

Best practice when replacing is to do a seat at a time, and the only requirement to do this is a cross headed screw driver. We have changed jets whilst the hot tub is full, however for most people its probably easiest to change these when the hot tub is empty.

To see the new jets and there prices please click here Rising Dragon Jets

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