Do You Need a New Hot Tub Pump or Repair Old One

16 December 2019  |  Superior Wellness

New Vs Repair

When to Buy a New Hot Tub Pump V's Repairing It.

If your hot tub pump has a fault then this guide is for you, and contains what is considered as unrepairable V's requires new parts and should be repaired.

Hot Tub Pump Parts

The Big Answer Short

It all boils down to cost, labour, time and component availability?

YES - But NO, because the world is changing and technology makes it possible for most people to repair there own hot tub with a little help from sites like YouTube, basically these websites have so many videos on how to repair hot tub parts you can't go wrong and can save you £100s of pounds in Engineer call outs and labour charges. Recently i have heard of prices as high as £240 just for a call out, which is pure extortion and should not be allowed.

Cost of getting someone in should be no more than £100, and the reason for that price is due to there supposive experience. We always advise electricians for electrical faults, and a good electrician will charge no more than £65.

How hard is it to repair a hot tub pump?

All you need are some basic tools, and maybe the help of a handy friend, its easy to repair a hot tub pump with the help of YouTube.

"Top Tip: I wont lie sometimes impellers feel impossible to remove but they all unscrew eventually."

Parts, What to Repair and When

Humming Pump

Is it seized?

Yes: new pump

No: check capacitors as you may just need a new capacitor

Leaking Wet End

If leaking from behind wet end on the shaft you will need a new shaft seal, however if the shaft is corroded more than 50% you will need a new pump. Scrape the old rust of, wire brush the shaft and then cover the rust with a small amount vasoline to protect it.

If leaking from the main front seal, try and replace it with a new, or use instant gasket.

Leaking from unions - this can be either a new seal or the flange has a crack which means re-plumbing.

In short - only replace the motor if your shaft is heavily  (more than 50% corroded).

Pump Tripping Electrics

If this is the case, leave the pump in situe and try it with a plug on the end to make sure its definitely is the pump.

Does it have water inside, can you easily strip it and dry it out?

It no water and its tripping it will be an internal wiring issue, which means its new motor time or complete pump if you can't buy the motor separately.

Lack Of Power

If the pump seems weak and isn't pumping like it used to, this is more likely to be a dirty filter or blockage.

Pump Running But No Water Moving

This could be as simple as an air lock if you have just changed the water, if so try pulsing the by pressing the jet button or release the air from a union.

Other cause, Impeller has snapped of, this is not as common but does happen. Take pump out and put screw driver in the rear and fingers in front to see if its turning (without the power on of course). You will need new wet end or impeller.

Pumps Stops After 10 Minutes

This will be an over heat issue and is probably and blockage, but could also be friction from tired or old bearings. In most cases it makes sense to buy a new motor unless it is a blockage in which case sort that out.

Lastly getting the right part.

Many people send the S/N (serial number), which doesn't mean much to a part suppliers, new pumps are easily identified by Make, Model, Amperage (as a cross reference) and a photo of the wet end to make sure the union connections are correct.

For more detail on hot tub pump union sizes, wiring and similar hot tub pump related questions please see or guides section here: Hot Tub Help Guides