Hot Tub Covers for Winter

4 November 2014  |  Superior Wellness

Need a hot tub cover?

Winter is coming and if your hot tub cover is efficiently insulating your tub then you will be haemorrhaging money via your electricity bill, and if its held together with duck tape then i might be time to get a new one.

Heres the good news we have just reduced all our custom made in America hot tub covers by 10% in price to help you to afford them, the price you see on our web site also includes VAT and postage, so their are no bomb shells we you get to the check out.

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The quality of our American made covers is so high to make the same quality cover in the UK is impossible. its worth noting at this point to be careful of salesmanship and look into the detail when you do buy a cover, you need to ask questions like is it double stitched and if it is has it been stitched with marine grade cotton?

Manufacturing Materials

What are lids made off? The inside is expanded polystyrene with a alloy beam reinforcing on both sides of centre hinge, this is bagged in durable chemical resistant plastic and cased in a heavy duty vinyl on the top and sides and a chemical resistant screed on the bottom. Most of the cover is double stitched with marine grade cotton especially the features like the handles.

Heavy lids

The question is how do they get heavy?

The reason we have explained the materials above is to give an idea of what protects the polystyrene from absorbing water, the plastic cover inside the vinyl is to keep all moisture out, as soon as this gets punctured the styrene will absorb water like a sponge,

Sadly it isn't possible to dry out polystyrene and virtually impossible for someone to manufacture the correct size for your hot tub and sell it separately, their are to many variants of thickness tapper and radiuses to get it right and when this is combined with cost of materials, manufacturing and postage it becomes none cost effective. Which leaves the only option but to replace the complete cover.

Note: Alternatives to polystyrene. Their are many alternatives but nothing gives the flexible, light weight, durable and affordable option that polystyrene gives.

Fitting and sizing

Their are many solutions to getting a new cover, here is a guide to getting the right size, a top tip is to always get some to double check the sizes before submitting your order form.

To see what you need to measure to get the size right please take a look at the order form on our custom covers for sale.


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