How long do hot tub filters last

26 January 2014  |  Superior Wellness

In general a hot tub filter will only last 1 year, that is 1 year of continual use, if you rotate your filters i.e. have 2 pairs then the filter will last 2 years.

What to look out for

  • If the filter is fluffy
  • if the filter pulls in at the waist
  • if the filter is light green in colour
  • cracked filters
  • filters with holes in
  • heavily discoloured filters

You may also want to change your filter if they have heavy amounts of slime on and inside the pleats.

Why change the filters?

If the water cannot flow through the pleats easily this will cause a restriction to the hot tub pumps and will either burn out the motor or pop the Capacitors.

If you are struggling to keep your water clean the filter might be the cause.

How to clean your hot tub filters

There are 3 ways to clean your filter, a combination of these will give the best result:

  • Soak or spray with a filter cleaner and rinse
  • Jet wash your filter to clean through its pores
  • Dish washer your filter which will sanitise it (high temperature)

Types of Filter

Their are many different types of filters, be careful to buy the correct one for your hot tub or spa.

The usual method of ordering a new filter is by the code on the top, bit if you don't have this you will have to compare the detail:

  • Measure the length and width
  • Handles or not
  • Screw thread on the bottom
  • Just a hole.

If you need a new hot tub filter and can,t find it easily on our site maybe we can help. Click here for hot tub filter help