Luxury Spas

4 February 2014  |  Superior Wellness

What can you expect from a luxury spa? Let us look at a few features that such spas offer. luxury-spa.jpg

One model is designed in a way that provides a dramatic waterfall effect with the cascading water flowing over your shoulders as you relax in the tub. The tub is also shaped along unique lines that shout luxury.

The tub has 48 powerful jets that can provide varied types of massage from vigorous sprays to gently relaxing touches. It also features a lounge and thee different therapy seats so that you can receive hydrotherapy massages for just the muscle groups you want massaged.

The audio system on the model has an iPod docking station; the waterfall provides great light effects; and the interior lighting and lighted pillows create a fascinating experience.

Yet another model looks like it has come from a starship with bold and dramatic lines in colors of your choice. The control panel adds to the effect. The model has seven seats with jets of their own.

Then there are swim spas that are long and wide (e.g. 17’+ by 7’+), and provide adjustable currents for the swimming lanes (e.g. 0 to 4000 gallons per minute!) The water is circulated back so that you can continue to swim without stopping, after adjusting the strength of the current to your capabilities. And the water flow is turbine powered instead of being just jets.

The swim spas are great for adjustable in-house conditioning workouts.

You can also get “ultimate” luxury spas with LED mood lighting, roman fountains; surround sound speakers, DVD player and LCD TV, not to mention deep hydrotherapy massages and great seating comfort.

The days when all that a spa provided was a soak are long gone. Today’s luxury spas provide a total experience that combine health and relaxation.

Written by Hot Tub DIY