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27 September 2019  |  Superior Wellness

Need a new ozone unit?

Balboa New Ultrazone Ozone UnitWhat is ozone?

If you have an ozone unit fitted to your unit then you have probably wondered why, and what does it do, if that is the case the simple answer is, it is a sanitiser in this scenario, but the actual correct answer is that is converts o2 into o3 by either pulling or pushing air over either a 'corona discharge mechanism' or a 'ultraviolet radiation bar', this essentially means it adds an extra atom of oxygen giving it 3 atoms instead of 2 which is in oxygen.

Can we just point out at this stage its very similar to the deep layer in the stratosphere, encircling the Earth, we call the Ozone Layer. The ozone layer is a region of Earth's stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation, which is a different use, but worth mentioning.

How it works inside the hot tub.

Inside the hot tub you will have a unit similar  to the one in the picture which is usually connected to the plumbing by whats called a mazzie, a mazzie is essentially a mixer that pulls the o3 ozone into the water via a venturi injector, and then finally around a stack of pipe work until it eventually gets released into the main bulk of water, usually around the footwell.

In  the scenario of a hot tub it is used to break down bacteria which essentially means it reduces the quantity of chlorine or bromine santiser that is required, or at least makes it last longer. You could also say that it reduces the smell of bacteria in the water, and also the smell of chemicals as well.

Hot Tub Ozone systems come in many forms, but have found the most effective to be 230 version, however there is also a 12v version that can be found in some Chinese hot tubs which use a bellows mechanism. the 2 systems 12v and 230v cannot easily replace each other due to very different types of plumbing as well as the 230 version requiring a pumped water to create the suction to pull the air through.

Ozone Units - New and how long do they last

The above image shows the latest Balboa Ultrazone unit which is more compact and produces a whopping 30 to 50mg an hour. Most units tend to last 2 to 3 years and after that period would need to be replaced, and the way to test ozone is via a test strip, sold on amazon: click here to buy test strips on amazon

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