Save money on the running costs of your hot tub

18 November 2021  |  Superior Wellness

How to save money on the running costs of your hot tub or spa?

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Investing in a hot tub is a serious business. If you have a hot tub then you are serious about relaxing. You are serious about the need for hydrotherapy jets to restore your body and mind. You are serious about relieving your aching joints, your tense muscles and your addled brain. You are serious about needing a ‘happy place’ where you can relax, drift away or create magical moments with your friends and loved ones.

You have spent a lot of time and money on your hot tub. The initial outlay on your hot tub or spa, the money you have to spend on chemicals, tools and accessories as well as any parts and repair bills.

So you don’t want to waste any more money on your hot tub unnecessarily. It’s time to get serious about saving money.

Read on for our top tips about how to save money on your hot tub in the long term by employing a few simple measures.


Most modern hot tubs and spas are well insulated. Your insulation is key in maintaining the temperature of your hot tub and reducing the work for your heater which takes a lot of power. Make sure your hot tub is well insulated. You can use a combination of rolled fiberglass, fiberglass panels, spray-on foam, and radiant barriers to increase the energy efficiency of your hot tub.

Thermal Blanket

A thermal blanket sits on top of your water when you aren’t using your hot tub to maintain the temperature of your water and prevent heat loss. Research suggests that a good thermal blanket can reduce heat loss by condensation by up to 95%. Used in conjunction with an efficient cover, a thermal blanket will reduce the strain on your heater.

Your Hot Tub Lid

Most hot tubs come with a lid but you need to make sure it is of sufficient quality to help you save money. Make sure your lid fits really snugly, paying particular attention to the hinges, which is where most of the heat escapes. If you are in the market for a new cover, this is where going for a more expensive, more energy efficient cover will pay off in the long run.

Running your hot tub

Simple things like making sure you turn off your jets can have a huge impact on the cost of running your hot tub or spa. Remember, your jets fire air and water into your tub, and the cold air reduces the temperature of your tub, making your heater work harder. This may not be a huge issue in summer but if you are enjoying a winter dip, you could try enjoying the steamy water of your hot tub without using your jets from time to time. This will really help keep costs down.

Where to put your hot tub

Part of the experience of owning a hot tub is enjoying the relaxing experience while being outdoors. Although an indoor hot tub will obviously be cheaper to run, you can still reduce running costs while enjoying the outdoor experience. Placing your hot tub in a gazebo or a summerhouse can protect your hot tub from the elements which will help maintain the temperature of your water. Or just placing your hot tub in a sheltered position, screened by trees, a hedgerow, a fence or a trellis will both protect your hot tub from the worst of the elements and help reduce the strain on your heater by keeping it warmer. There are a range of screen solutions available on the market which are excellent for privacy and reducing your running costs.


Regular cleaning and maintenance will help reduce the long term cost of running your hot tub. Cleaning hot tub filters can have a huge impact on how hard your pump and heater are working. Maintaining the pH and chemical balance of the water will reduce the amount of chemicals you need to use to keep your water clean and healthy as well as the long term health of your components. Regularly shocking your hot tub will also help reduce costs. For more information on your maintenance routine, check out our blog here.

Adjust your temperature

Just reducing the temperature of your water by a few degrees will have a huge impact on your electricity bill. While you may not notice a huge difference when you lower the temperature from 104°F to 100°F, it will massively reduce the cost of running your heater.

Heating your hot tub at the right time

As you know, all energy companies charge different prices for their electricity at different times of the day. You can be quite shrewd here by choosing to heat your hot tub at off peak times to keep the cost down. If you have good insulation, a good cover, a thermal blanket and good placement of your hot tub, this means that when you choose to slip into your hot, relaxing water, it’ll cost much less to get it up to the optimum temperature.

Follow these simple measures and you will not only save money on the running costs of your hot tub, but you will also prolong the life of your hot tub parts which will save you money in the long run as well as reducing the need for any expensive repairs.

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