The Spazazz Aromatherapy Products are Tailored for the Spa

4 February 2014  |  Superior Wellness

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Spazazz Therapy Crystals

Aromas can enhance the warm soak experience you get from your hot tub or spa. The right smells can help you relax and relieve all your tensions and anxieties. Aromas can also be therapeutic providing relief from physical pains and even illnesses.

The Spazazz range of aromatherapy products meant for hot tubs includes crystals that achieve specific results.

The Original & Escape range of crystals is a blend of minerals, herbs and botanicals. They are anti-inflammatory products that help hydrate the skin and provide relief from sore and aching muscles. They can also relieve everyday tensions and anxieties.

The Rx Therapy crystals are targeted at specific ailments. These are natural blends with added vitamins (A, C, K, E), Arnica and Calendula. These Rx products help the process of healing ailments, and provide relief from painful muscles and replenish the body with essential vitamins.

The Set the Mood range enhance your hot tub experience though seductive aromas, eight different ones. They impact desire levels by arousing your senses and relieving your pains.

Spazazz has other offers that include:

  • Moisturizing botanicals and Aloe Vera that pamper your skin and soften the water while also creating an enduring fragrance
  • Tropical spa beads that you can use in different ways in your spa, or in your car or whole house to fill these with rejuvenating tropical fragrances

The crystals, elixirs and beads can make you warm hot tub experience an enchanting one with strange new fragrances. Contact us and get a glimpse into the varied fragrances and the effect they can have on you! This is one shopping that you should do on your feet, walking to the store, rather than on your seat, doing the shopping online!