Underwater Light Show and Fountain

19 January 2015  |  Superior Wellness

Hot tub Lights can be fun.

If you need something to brighten up your hot tub then can we recommend the following light show with fountain, it simply shines lights into the bottom of the hot tub, spa or pool and produces a fountain of water out the top.

The underwater light show can be used for just a little fun but if you are throwing a party its the perfect way to make the hot tub look inviting and encourage people to jump on in.

Size: 18.6cm x 17.8cm


Images of the Underwater Light Show and Fountain

Hot Tub Light Show

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We received a great review for the Underwater Light show, it is so good we just have to share it:

"Great Value"

A truly amazing light show and really bright.I bought this one for a hot tub and the fountain whilst is really impressive it is a little too powerful for a (even large) hot tub, the main issue is that the fountain is so powerful that when it bobs close to the edge of the tub it would not take too long to seriously reduce the water level. I overcame this by reducing the size of the water inlet with the simple application of gaffa tape over the inlet. Great feature for adults and children alike...... would highly recommend.

Thank you Kevin for the review.

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