Using Hot Tub Chemicals Correctly in Detail

4 February 2014  |  Superior Wellness

Using Hot Tub Chemicals Correctly


Hot tub chemicals keep the water in you hot tub clean, clear and healthy. Several different chemicals are used to achieve different results. Chlorine is used for sanitising and “shocking”; pH chemicals increase or decrease acidity / alkalinity balance; and other chemicals work with calcium and metal levels in the water.

Unless you have gained adequate experience buy chemical packages specifically designed for hot tub use. Carefully read the directions for use that come with each package and follow them strictly. Over a period of time, you will gain insights into the correct quantities that give best results in your particular case.

Once you have gained such clear ideas, you will be able create a pattern of using the chemicals for maintaining the water clean, healthy and clear. In the beginning, you can also seek the help of experienced users to help you decide what to do, how to do it and when. Your supplier of chemicals might also be in a position to help.

In the meanwhile, you can use the general guidance given below:

•The essential chemical treatments are: Sanitising the water of harmful organisms using small quantities of chlorine or bromine regularly; Oxidising organic matter like dead skin, body oils and cosmetics by shock treatment, such as using carefully computed higher quantities of chlorine; Maintaining pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8 by testing current pH level and increasing the level using pH up or decreasing it with pH down; wait for half an hour or so before re-testing the pH level

•Additionally, you might need to control calcium levels in hard or soft water (if the water in your area exhibit these characteristics) and eliminate metal content (iron / manganese / copper) in the water

•Granular chemicals are dissolved quicker in the water if it is warm. Heat the water to about 30 degrees Celsius and add the chemicals. Chlorine can be used in liquid form also

•Manufacturers might offer the chemicals under their own brand names and you will have to identify which brand is for what; the branded products might even have better functionality (though not always)

•Pay careful attention to the required frequency of different chemical treatments. This can vary with the intensity and frequency of the hot tub use, e.g. many bathers using the tub daily as against you alone using it occasionally

Take some extra trouble initially to develop an effective pattern for using hot tub chemicals that keeps your water clear, clean and healthy.

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