Using Hot Tub Chemicals Correctly - Part II

4 February 2014  |  Superior Wellness

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In part 1 of this article, we looked at the issues of maintaining water balance and sanitizing the hot tub water. We saw why these tasks are essential and also how these are carried out. In this article, we look at a few other water issues and how to handle them.

Filtering the Water and Cleaning the Filters

While the chemicals can deal with bacteria, chemical composition of the water and even organic stuff like dead skin, they are not effective against bulky debris such as leaves that can enter hot tubs located outdoors. These are cleaned out manually using a filter basket or filtered out by built-in filters during circulation of the water.

Hot Tub Filters can become clogged or problematic otherwise after a few days and needs to be cleaned regularly. The cleaning can be done by hosing filter cartridge on both sides using a garden hose (and not high pressure water). The cleaned cartridge should be dried and compressed air spray on the dry cartridge can remove fine particles.

While the above procedure can remove ordinary debris, stuff like body oils and other chemicals are not removed. To remove these, special filter cleaning chemicals are used.

As would be evident, cleaning and drying the cartridge will take some time and it is best to have a spare cartridge to be used during this time.

Cleaning cannot keep the filters effective for ever and you need to replace the filter every few months.

Keeping the Water Clear

The hot tub experience is enhanced if the water in the hot tub is crystal clear. There are special water clarifier chemicals that can be used for this purpose.

Sometimes the water can foam excessively and this can be eliminated using an anti-foam chemical.

Water with high metal content can stain the tub and high calcium levels can result in scaling. A Stain & Scale Preventer can eliminate these problems.

Draining and Changing Water

Even with all the hot tub chemical treatment, you cannot hope to use the water in the hot tub for all time. Once in two or three months, you will have to go through the routine of draining the water from the tub, clean the tub and fill it with fresh water.

You should turn off all electrical connection to the hot tub during the draining. If the hot tub starts operating while there is no water in the tub, equipment can be damaged beyond repair. You would certainly not want to spend a small fortune replacing these.

Water can be drained simply by opening the drains, providing they are at the bottom of the tub and water can flow down. Otherwise, you will need to bale the water out manually or pump it out using a pump.

In addition to the regular maintenance routines outlined in part one and two of this article you might need to take certain steps if you do not plan to use the tub during winter. Freezing of water can damage the plumbing, for example. The steps involved are somewhat elaborate and you would do best to seek help from a knowledgeable person.

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