Why the winter is the best time to enjoy your hot tub

15 October 2021  |  Superior Wellness

Have yourself a hot tub Halloween

Winter hot tub view.

Halloween hot tubbing

With the onset of winter fast approaching, the long days and the balmy evenings of summer seem  long gone. Social gatherings in the garden, conversations around the fire pit that last long into the night or quite moments reading with a glass of your favourite tipple are mere distant memories.

And your beloved hot tub. Enjoying the warm bubbly water of your hot tub, letting those powerful jets work their magic, seems like such a summer activity, lost until next spring.

You couldn’t be more wrong. During the autumn and winter, most people tend to batten down the hatches, retire indoors and watch expectantly out of the window for the arrival of Spring.

But just because animals are going into hibernation and we are all disappearing under layers of thick jumpers and fleeces, it doesn’t mean the fun is over for you and your hot tub.

Far from it.

Your hot tub really comes into its own during the autumn and winter months. It is arguably the best time to enjoy the relaxing and restorative powers of your hot tub. So, finish carving out those pumpkins, fill the bucket with sweets by the door, pour yourself a mulled wine and slip into your hot tub this Halloween.

The winter hot tub experience

The experience of soaking in the steaming water of your hot tub on a cold evening is quite special. All around you the air is crisp and sharp, there’s something quite magical about soaking in your warm hot tub under a blanket of twinkling stars. 

During the colder months, we tend to disappear indoors, into stuffy and cramped rooms for our social gatherings. Or even just when we get home from work. We hurry indoors, close out the cold night air and stay cooped up until morning.

Having a hot tub and using it this winter is a great way of enjoying a crisp, cold evening after a long day at work. Or with friends while relaxing in your tub for a chat and a couple of drinks. While all around you the world freezes, you are enveloped in a warm steamy glow.

Health benefits of using your hot tub in the winter

There are health benefits to keep your hot tub running over winter too. During the winter months, the cold weather brings on more ailments that your hot tub can alleviate. We are more lightly to pick up coughs and colds. The soothing steam of your hot tub acts as a natural decongestant, clearing your lungs. This can be further enhanced by adding a fragrance to your spa which can also clear out your airways to help you breathe easily and relax.

As the temperature plummets, we naturally suffer more from aches and pains in our muscles and joints. This stiffness and soreness is easily remedied by taking a long soak in your hot tub. The hot water and powerful jets takes the pressure off your aching joints, keeping you lythe and supple. Also, in the hot water, your blood vessels dilate which really helps with circulation, pumping blood to your extremities and soothing those cold toes and fingers. Again, there is a range of fragrances that you can add to your tub for the full aromatherapy experience, whether its achy joints, muscles or just an invigorating pick me up that you need.

Due to the shorter days and our natural inclination to be inside more over the winter, we generally suffer from a lack of Vitamin D, which comes from spending time outdoors in the sunlight. Spending more time in your tub over the winter months will help keep your Vitamin D topped up. It is proven that just spending time outside improves your cortisol levels, boosting your endorphins and dopamine production. Keeping your hot tub running over the winter will encourage you to get those natural boosts that you need to fend off the winter blues.

Lastly, a long relaxing soak in your tub, drifting off to a place of calmness and serenity can really aid your sleep, helping you sleep more deeply and so you wake up feeling totally restored.

The benefits of keeping your hot tub running over winter

Keeping your hot tub running over winter is not just great for your personal health, it’s also really good for the health of your hot tub and its components. Hot tubs are actually designed to keep running all year round. Of course, it’s fine if you choose to shut your hot tub down over winter, but there are so many measures you need to take to make sure that your hot tub is in perfect working order when you fire it up again in the spring. It hardly seems worth it. By keeping it running all winter, you can be sure it will stay in prime condition for you to enjoy it whenever you choose, time after time.

Many of the parts are not designed to be turned off completely for too long. Plus there’s the added worry about the effect that the freezing temperatures will have on your spa’s components. It takes such an huge amount of energy to warm your hot tub up from scratch that it is actually more efficient to keep your hot tub warm at all times. It’ll save you money in the long run. Plus, you have the added bonus of being able to enjoy your hot tub all year round.

So, for the sake of your health, your state of mind, and your hot tub, if you can, keep it running this winter. Have yourself a Halloween hot tub party, watching the neighbourhood fireworks with your family and friends from the warm, relaxing sanctuary of your hot tub.

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