Making the most of your hot tub this Christmas

13 December 2021  |  Superior Wellness

Are you looking for inspiration this year? if so the following article will add some Christmas spirit to your home.

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Winter is the perfect season to enjoy your hot tub and what better way to get into the spirit of the season than to have a Christmas hot tub party.

Whether it’s a small intimate family party or something more indulgent for family and friends, hot tubbing in the winter adds a whole new dimension to your hot tub.

Start your festive season with a bang and have a hot tub party that will be remembered forever. There can be no better feeling than slipping into the hot bubbly waters on a crisp winter’s evening.

There are so many benefits to running your hot tub all year round. Check out our blog for more information. But there is something even more magical than a winter dip and that’s a festive themed hot tub party.


To prepare your hot tub for a festive party, give your hot tub a good clean. It might be an idea to shock your tub too, changing your water and chemicals as well as giving your filters a good clean so your water is extra sparkly and inviting.

Make sure you have plenty of extra towels and bathing suits – you just know that someone will forget theirs. Remind everyone to being warm robes and slippers so they can enjoy the party while staying snuggly and warm.

Warm Christmas hats are ideal for keeping your head warm on the coldest of winter nights while the rest of your body enjoys the hot bubbly waters. Get people to bring their own Santa, Elf or other Christmas hat to make it a proper Christmas party. Make it a competition for the best hat!

If you have a patio heater, bring it closer to your hot tub and surround your hot tub with chairs so people have somewhere to sit when they get out and creating a warm pathway from the tub to your house.


Decorate your tub with a nice big red ribbon to make it look like a Christmas gift and hang festive lights from trees and windbreaks to create that magical atmosphere.

You could even splash out on some underwater lights for that extra Christmassy feeling. They come in all different colours and you can program them to create the perfect setting.

Hang ornaments and festive decorations around your hot tub like snowflakes and reindeer to complete the Christmas scene.


With your hot tub full, festive hats on show and everyone in the party mood, what better way to set the party off than a playlist of Christmas tunes. Everyone loves a good Christmas sing along; it gets everyone in the Christmas spirit. So create a perfect playlist beforehand so the party is in full swing as people arrive.

Serve a range of drinks to keep people warm and also to keep them hydrated. Mulled wine, or mulled apple juice or cider are great for warming up the insides. A glass of bubbly to celebrate the holiday season and hot chocolate and marshmallows to warm people up as they dry off are perfect accompaniments to any Christmas hot tub party.

You could also serve some Christmas themed nibbles for your guests, getting them into the spirit. Minced Pies, gingerbread cookies and other finger foods are ideal. Savoury fare like chips and dips or party food like sausage rolls, satay chicken sticks or deep fried mozzarella, to name but a few, are great for a Christmas hot tub party.

Throwing a Christmas hot tub party is a fun and unique way to celebrate the festive season and one that will be live long in the memory. Swap those natty Christmas jumpers for the warm and soothing water of your hot tub this Christmas, and invite your family and friends along to enjoy it with you.

Happy Hot Tubbing this Christmas!


Written by Hot Tub Help all Rights Reserved 2021