Hot Tub Chemical Dispensers

Chlorine Chemical DispenserThese chemical dispensers are designed to hold tablets that slowly dissolve hot tub chemicals into your spa or hot tub, used with either Bromine or Chlorine.

Hot Tub Chemical Dispensers are an integral part of your Hot Tub set up. Without them your Hot Tub will quickly turn into a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria, turning your water all cloudy and green. You can use Bromine or Chlorine to keep your Hot Tub clean, and these are sold as either a tablet or a concentrate, which slowly dissolves into your worker, killing all those nasty bugs so all you need to do is lie back and relax.

Imagine getting home after a hard day and firing up the hot tub to soak your troubles away. You’re just about to slide in and you notice that you are about to slip into a green pool of sludge. You haven’t put any chemicals in! Order from our fantastic range of Hot Tub Chemical Dispensers to make sure that every time you need it, your Hot Tub is full of clean, sparkling, bacteria-free water.

Choose from our small, large or deluxe dispensers today. They are easy to fill and use Bromine or Chlorine tablets, which slowly dissolve into the water, keeping it in tip top condition.

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Deluxe Tablet Dispenser
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Chlorine or Bromine

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Chemical dispenser FAQs

What will happen if I donít use chemicals in my Hot Tub?

Your Hot Tub will become dirty, slimy and unsanitary. Keeping your Hot Tub clean is an essential part of owning and enjoying your Hot Tub.

How do I top up the chemicals in my Hot Tub?

Using our simple tablet dispensers, you just pop a couple of Bromine or Chlorine tablets into your dispenser for peace of mind. You can also buy these from Hot Tub DIY.

How often do I need to top up the chemicals in my hot tub?

Check your Bromine or Chlorine regularly and make sure your dispenser is never empty. One tablet will last, in an average sized Hot Tub, about a week.

How safe are the chemicals in my Hot Tub?

These chemicals go through rigorous testing to ensure that your water is free from bacteria without compromising your health.

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