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Common frequently asked questions:

Please see below the most commonly asked questions below with answers, or a link to more information. For more answers please look in the categories above or send an email for a quick reply. *Note:If your query is about stock information or availability online, please refer to the individual product page.

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We Deliver In The EU As Well.

Do you offer refunds
Yes we do, we offer a 30 days returns policy, after this it is our descression as to wether we refund or not. However this doesn't affect warranties, which come with 1 year warranty and if we cannot replace the item we may offer a refund.
I have received the wrong part
Sorry to here this, firstly can you email us the part recieved or the issue at least and then we can sort this out for you either by a collection or if its cheaper we may ask if you can post back to us and we can refund.
I have purchased the wrong part
Really sorry to hear this, lets get you sorted quickly, we will probably ask you to return the item, the best way to contact is via email (which is quickest method of communication) if you need something similar this is a great time to send an image of the part required. Either way lets get you sorted quickly :)
I'm making a hot tub can you help?
We can help is some situations namely wood, or acrylic, but if you are we have no experience in making tubs with concrete. Most of the jets we have are designed for thin 10mm walls, however we have jets that can go through thicker walls like wood. Send us an email anyway as we may be able to point you in the right direction. *Note: have a look at youtube, there are some amazing videos online on how to make hot tubs and spas.
Can you help getting the right part?
We help many people to get the right part first time, how to test and how to fit even, however it relies a little on the persons ability and tools at hand. To date we have never turned anyone away and will allways at least advice of an alternative if its not a part we sell.
Do you sell to 0% VAT countries?
Yes all the time, the website automatically shows prices minus the VAt if you have logged in and changed your country to a 0% VAT country. *Note: please note that we can usualy reduce the postage that is automatically created on our website, and the best way to get the postage to your country reduced is to create an account, add the parts to basket and then email us asking to adjust the postage to the best price. We send to many different countries every week.
What warranty comes with your parts?
All parts we sell come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty, please note this is not a guarentee and the 2 hugely differ. It is easy to damage and break a part either during fitting or after the part has been fitted, this is not covered. The best advice i / we can give is when changing a part be 100% sure its the correct part and always resolve the cause of the fault before fitting a new part.
Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes we do but only on certain things, the detail for any discount will be clearly marked on the product page or in a promotional email or banner. Not all items are discountable due to fine margins and having to keep competitve pricing online. A good example of discounts can be found on the hot tub chemical pages.
Do you sell to the trade?
We are a retail only seller, and are contracted by our suppliers to only sell retial.
Where do i return my wrong part to?
Please email if or when you need to return a part as we have sevaral addresses and it very much depends on the item being returned.