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Fi-Chlor Spa Chemicals

Fi-vhlor spa chemical range imageFi-Chlor Spa is our premium range of hot tub specific products simply put they are best quality available.

When using Fi-Chlor hot tub chemicals you will notice they go a lot further and do the job better as well as in many cases come with a larger quantity example 1.2kg in comparison to 1kg from other brands.

The range consists of Chlorine, Bromine and Active Oxygen Sanitisers which are complemented by pH Increasers and Reducers, Anti Foam and Anti Scale, Active shock and Non Chlorine Shock, Filter cleaners, Surface Cleaners and Clarifiers.


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Fi-Chlor Spa Starter Pack - Chlorine
Fi-Chlor Surface Cleaner
Fi-Chlor Spa Active Oxygen Tablets
Fi-Chlor Bromine Tablets
Fi-Chlor Bromine Granules
Fi-Chlor Spa Activator Liquid
Fi-Chlor Non Chlorine Shock
Fi-Chlor Chlorine Tablets
Fi-Chlor PH and Alkalinity Reducer
Fi-Chlor Anti-Foam
Fi-Chlor Chlorine Granules
Fi-Chlor Water Clarifier
Fi-Chlor Anti Scale
Fi-Chlor Bromine Tablets 0.5kg
Fi-Chlor Alkalinity Increaser
Fi-Chlor Cartridge Cleaner
Fi-Chlor pH Increaser
Fi-Chlor Cartridge Cleaner Sachet
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Fi-Clor has developed a range of specifically designed products to sanitise, balance and protect your spa water.

Always Sanitise
We recommend that you regularly shock and disinfect using products to ensure spa water remains constantly sanitised. Fi-Clor offer a choice of granular and tablet products to make application alot easier.

Balance the Water
Balancing the water makes your spa experience is more comfortable by ensuring the disinfectant works at is maximum efficiency. A balanced spa will also last longer and cost less to run as it will avoid expensive repairs.

Protect Your Spa
By sanitising and balancing your spa water you are helping to protect the spa surface. Additional products like water clarifier, anti foam and surface cleaning gel will ensure optimum protection for years to come.

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz