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Do you need a little advice to help you get your hot tub back up and running? If so we can help! every day we help people from all over the UK to do the things that would normally cost hundreds of pounds if you called out an engineer. (The information we give is free to our customers and given in good intention.) We can help to repair pumps, fix leaks, and solve electrical issues and most other problems with most makes and brands of hot tubs and spas.

Friendly Advice

At Hot Tub DIY we understand the words patience, precision and quality, these are all words that define the level of service we give to our customers everyday, if we can help someone resolve technical issues on their hot tub or spa then we have done our jobs properly.


We wish we had the space and time to show you all the thank you’s or customers have sent over the years, with over 10 years’ experience and a back ground of being manufacturer trained in America means we can resolve complex issues and what normally would be expensive repairs with ease, give us a try at the worst it would cost you a phone call or 5 minutes to write an email.

What information do we need to help?

A good example of information we need to help you get the right part is replacing a hot tub pump, there are hundreds of pumps to choose from in the market place, cheaper ones and more expensive ones, many different fittings and many different sizes but the answer is their usually only one pump that is the right one. The specification of the original engineered pump has to be matched, the connections have to fit straight away and the space it has to fit in without needing to be re-plumbed.

Look for the amperage written on the side of the pump, a 2 speed pump with 1.8 – 8.6 amps written on the side (metal plate) needs to be similar, the 1.8 relates to basic water circulation and the speed 8.6 relates to the second speed (booster) that matches the amount of jets you have in the hot tub, if the first speed is to slow the heater may burn out and if the second speed (or booster) is to big it will burn your pump out.


These are measured by the internal diameter of the pipe work connecting to it, so for example a 2” pump union measures just over 3”.

Note: Ignore the HP (this is a sales tool) and can mean anything on any pump, the impeller combined with power output of the pump equals the HP (horse Power).

So what we need is the amperage, connection type, make of the hot tub it needs to fit and the amperage detail on the side of the pump.

Pictures mean more than words.

If you’re unsure then please send a photograph of the part you need with basic instructions, a picture says a thousand words and we can usually tell you everything you need to know about your hot tub from that picture.

Chinese Hot Tubs

The UK hot tub market has changed completely in the last 5 years with the stability of Chinese hot tub manufacturing, so much so many American hot tub parts are made in china and then assembled and logo’d as American where they can then be sold as American, this is most apparent when you look at the relays on any circuit board on any hot tub found in the UK they will all say made in China. This is the long way of saying ‘don’t worry’, Chinese hot tubs can also fixed, the spares and the experience are readily available and you don’t have to buy a new hot tub to resolve the problem, this brings us to a very good point, if they won’t fix it it’s because they can’t be careful over pricing engineers and incapable salesmen.

Note: The insides of all hot tubs are the same, a control box, water pumps, a light and a load of plumbing.

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