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Gecko Control Boxes

Gecko Control System imageGecko Hot Tub Control Systems

This category includes all  the control systems available from Gecko including the new X, Y and the older M and S-Class series of control systems for spas and hot tubs.

AeWare is a brand made and distributed by 'Gecko Alliance Group'.

If you require more detail on the Geckocontrol systems please take a look through our blogs, hot tub repair guides and/or get in contact through our contact us page.

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AeWare In.Touch-2 WiFi

AeWare In.Touch-2 WiFi£235.00


AeWare IN.XE Control Box

AeWare IN.XE Control Box£635.00


AeWare IN.XM2 Control Box

AeWare IN.XM2 Control Box£720.00


AeWare IN.YE Control Box

AeWare IN.YE Control Box£585.00


AeWare IN.YJ Control Box

AeWare IN.YJ Control Box£350.00


AeWare IN.YT-7 Control Box

AeWare IN.YT-7 Control Box£669.00


Gecko SSPA 1 Control Box

Gecko SSPA 1 Control Box£815.00  (1)

Single Pump, Air Blower Or Dual Pump

Gecko SSPA 2 Control Box

Gecko SSPA 2 Control Box£815.00

Dual Pump System And Air Blower


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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