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Heating Elements

The following hot tub elements fit many different brands of hot tub and spa, please use the dimensions to accurately get the correct heating element for your hot tub or spa or alternatively contact us and we will tell you which you require.

Fixing your hot tub doesn't have to be complex, please check out our 'hot tub repair guides' or contact us through the website.

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2KW Bow Tie Style Element

2KW Bow Tie Style Element£69.50

30cm long

2.5kw Heating Element Titanium Coated

2.5kw Heating Element Titanium Coated£57.00

2kw Heating Element Titanium Coated

2kw Heating Element Titanium Coated£57.00  (1)



5.5kw Heating Element Titanium Coated

5.5kw Heating Element Titanium Coated£53.00

3.6KW 7'' Titanium Element

3.6KW 7" Titanium Element£50.00  (1)

3kw Heating Element Titanium Coated

3kw Heating Element Titanium Coated£47.00  (5)

4kw Heating Element Titanium Coated

4kw Heating Element Titanium Coated£47.00

Genuine Balboa Element 3KW

Genuine Balboa Element 3KW£47.00  (9)

From Balboa

Half Style Element 2KW

Half Style Element 2KW£43.65

1.5kw Heating Element Titanium Coated

1.5kw Heating Element Titanium Coated£43.00

Heating Element 4KW

Heating Element 4KW£41.00

Half Style Element 1.5KW

Half Style Element 1.5KW£37.06  (1)

Heating Element 5.5KW

Heating Element 5.5KW£36.50

Heating Element 1.3KW

Heating Element 1.3KW£34.00

Heating Element 2.5KW

Heating Element 2.5KW£34.00

Heating Element 2KW

Heating Element 2KW£34.00

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Please note all Hot tub Parts sold are UK Spec, which means designed for 230 V at 50Hz

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